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SEO Proposal Sample

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SEO Proposal Sample

A popular niche for freelancers is providing services for clients in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Many businesses with a website want SEO services to ensure customers and potential customers find the site. So to find those clients needing SEO services, a freelancer needs an effective SEO proposal sample that reflects their experience and what they can do for businesses.

Rather than create a proposal every time you approach a client, having an SEO proposal sample ready will help speed the process for you. Whether you use a service to help with administrative tasks such as proposals, or you do the work yourself, there are 9 things that make an effective SEO proposal sample.

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1. Write a great introduction

The first part of the proposal is what will attract clients to dig deeper into the document, so be sure to write a succinct yet informative introduction.

Most importantly, let the client know how you will help them solve their problem. Then outline your business, your years of experience doing SEO, and why you want to work for the client.

2. Explain what you mean by SEO

Having a client that doesn’t truly understand SEO will make your job more difficult. So build an executive summary of what SEO actually involves, and what it can do for any client’s business. 

That can include strategies you use to increase search engine rankings, and estimates on the length of time it takes for such strategies to be effective. You can also include how you measure success of your SEO campaigns.

Think of this section as a way to describe the client’s problem (customers are not finding their website) and your proposed solution (your SEO strategy). 

By having a clear explanation of the work you do, you won’t spend hours on these details every time you want to prepare a proposal. Your SEO proposal sample will be ready, and then you can customize it depending on the client.

3. Include goals and deliverables

Your SEO proposal sample should include goals for SEO campaigns. For instance, your overarching goal could be to “increase organic traffic to the client’s website.” 

Then, outline deliverables that you’ll look after in order to accomplish the goals.

4. Leave a section for pricing estimates

You’ll likely have to adapt this section for every client. But by having a pricing model built, it can easily be modified after speaking to the prospective client and understanding how much work the campaign will involve.

Your model may be built on a retainer basis, in which the client has access to you for a specific amount of work each month. Or, it could be an hourly basis, with your guidelines showing how long each step of the campaign will take and the cost for each step. Or, you may have a price-per-campaign model, with a payment schedule that breaks it down into milestones. 

If you have more than one pricing model, have them ready to insert into your SEO proposal sample depending on the client and the work you’re suggesting you’ll do.

And, be sure to include a payment schedule along with any milestones. You likely don’t want to wait until the end of a lengthy campaign to get paid for your work.

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5. Add the team members

If you run an agency, or work with subcontracted staff, you’ll need to have a section to outline who will be working on the campaign. You don’t want the client to think you’ll be doing all the work, and then be contacted by someone else doing work for you.

Include a brief bio, including work history, education, any certifications or awards, and  a photo if applicable. If you work on your own, be sure to include this information about yourself. Consider adding a link to a portfolio, if you have a website that shows off your experience and recent work.

6. Be open to questions

Make sure you have a section in your SEO proposal sample that invites the client to contact you with any questions or for clarification.

You want to make sure the client is comfortable with what you’ve proposed, and understands the document before making a decision whether to hire you. 

7. Include references

Your SEO proposal sample should include client testimonials and references. 

Outline a successful campaign, with the steps you took to improve SEO and how you measured the results. Then be sure to have contact information for the client who was happy with your work. 

A powerful visual is to include the logos of the clients you’ve worked for on SEO campaigns. 

8. Put yourself in the client’s shoes

Now that you have the basis for your SEO proposal sample, you can then tailor it to specific clients. 

As with any proposal, the goal is to get the client to hire you, so you have to think like the client. When you’re preparing your SEO proposal sample, put yourself in the client’s shoes and provide information they will need to make the decision to hire you.

In that regard, make sure you do some research on the client. Gain an understanding of their website and their existing social media presence. Review their LinkedIn profile to see how many employees they have, or find information on their revenues.

The research doesn’t have to be exhaustive, but you do need an understanding of the client to know what you can do for them. For instance, outline a few issues that you uncovered on their website, and explain that you have the tactics to solve those problems.

Then you’ll be able to edit and add to your SEO proposal to meet the needs of each specific client. With these effective steps to creating an SEO proposal sample, you’ll be well on your way to attracting clients to your freelance business.

Create your own
SEO Proposal Sample

Create your own

SEO Proposal Sample

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