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SEO Proposal (Example)

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SEO Proposal (Example)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about numbers, statistics, and hard facts. You can always impress your clients with the facts that you’ve got. But it doesn’t hurt if you impress a prospective client with something pretty as well. If you are meeting a client for the first time, the first thing they’d like to see is your SEO proposal example.

As an SEO specialist, you'd probably prefer spending more time working and less time crafting proposals. You'd save time and avoid crafting a proposal every time you get a project if you have editable SEO proposal examples. Then, you can focus on increasing the online visibility of clients and also increase your clientele by encouraging them to ask you the right questions.

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SEO is still a topic that seems a mystery to some business owners. Many business directors have no idea of what you do and how you’d convert for their business. So, an SEO proposal presents you with the opportunity to explain your service to a prospective client.

You can always list and describe the core service you are offering a client in your proposal. Remember, your goal is to get approval from your client; so, craft your proposal in that manner.

Regular SEO proposal examples contain the list of services such as technical SEO analysis, guest posting, competition research, link building outreach, keyword research, and content writing. Sometimes it might make sense why the client should work on SEO rather than SEM.

How to use a SEO proposal example

The main reason for writing a proposal is to give your client a broad view of your service offering and ultimately get the green light to handle their project.

So, your SEO proposal examples must center around the following questions.

  1. What problem is the client trying to solve?
  2. What can I offer to solve the problem?
  3. What are the benefits of my solution to the client?
  4. How else can I improve the client's situation?

An SEO expert will most likely get a positive response if the above questions are well addressed to a client's satisfaction. Now that you've thought about the problems, its time to draft a beautiful proposal.

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The format below is great for your SEO proposal examples format. 

1. Executive summary

This is the place to present your finding on question one above. Identify the problem and dig into the root cause of the problem. That shows you really understand what the client is facing when you use the words of the client.

2. Cost-benefit analysis

Here is a place you let your client know the value of the service you are proposing. They have to see the potential of your service and the estimated revenue in view.

Bring in statistics using the client's main target keywords and show what they get if their page ranks higher on Google.

3. Solution

Talk about your solution but break down your technical terms so that the client can understand what you are proposing. Mention your strategy and campaign, which may include full website audit, content development guidelines, brand enhancement, and off-page optimization.  

4. Analytics & improvement

This is one of the critical aspects of SEO proposal examples writing. It would be helpful if you specify metrics that parties involved will use in judging the performance of your SEO overhaul. Using the data shows your transparency and credibility of your business. Use metrics like organic traffic or revenue, which aligns with the client's objective.

5. Project timeline

Mention the start date of the project until maturation. Use charts, break broad tasks into discrete elements, and schedule milestones if applicable.   

6. Dependencies

What and what do you need to get the project started? List all the dependencies, resources, and request access to the client's portal by adding the clause to your SEO proposal examples.

7. Pricing

Every SEO expert has a pricing model. Make clients see what they are paying for, and when they have to make payment. Break down service and add their respective fees but avoid a laundry list of fees. 

8. Terms and conditions

Pen down your terms and conditions. Anticipate issues that may arise and address them with a clause on the proposal.

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SEO Proposal (Example)

Create your own

SEO Proposal (Example)

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