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Are you wondering how to make a good impression with your SEO pitch? An SEO pitch is a presentation made to potential clients, with a goal to secure a working business relationship. One thing about pitching is the need to get to the heart of the matter without using too many words or time, or you risk losing the interest of potential clients. That being said, what then constitutes the perfect pitch that will bring in the business – what should you focus on?

Not all business owners understand the massive effect SEO marketing can have on their business. Some clients will ask for specific SEO strategies that have worked for other companies without considering that every company is unique. Unless your pitch strives to educate the client on favorable SEO tactics, you will have a hard time handling this issue.

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1. Understanding the Right Tactics

The key to a smooth pitch is to understand the discipline you are pitching. Read and educate yourself on SEO tactics that are currently working for major search engines. If possible, seek regular meetings with experts in the field. Clients are sensitive to how information is presented. If they remotely sense that you are struggling with explaining the concept, they automatically deduct that you have no clue about SEO for business growth. Regardless of how good you are at your job, practice talking about SEO as much as you can. If all fails and you still have trouble talking about SEO, hire someone who will speak effortlessly on your behalf.

2. Strive To Understand Your Client

As you work on your pitch, make sure it communicates that you know your client and their business environment. Before the presentation, go the extra mile to seek out more information that will give you more insight on your client. Many SEO service providers make the mistake of assuming the needs of the client, thus offering SEO strategies that will not work for that particular client's business. Therefore, don't be afraid to go the extra mile and gather data using tools like SEMrush. Such software applications give free insight into the keywords the site ranks for, the visitors' waves and even how much the domain spent on paid traffic! Some local listing vendors like BrightLocal will provide the client's demos upon inquiry. Once you understand the gaps in the client's listing strategies, you will have tangible fodder to present during your pitch.

3. Customize the Pitch

When you customize the pitch specifically to a particular client, you are more likely to get warmer responses than if you presented a general tone. This is because every business owner wants to know what's in it for them. When the SEO pitch is customized to suit their business needs and environment, the clients are more likely to visualize how your solutions are beneficial to them.

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At the same time, make sure to add educative bits of information that will create more credibility with the potential client. When these bits of knowledge specifically address the client's needs, then the client will acknowledge that you have indeed taken the time to invest deeply in a client-partner relationship.

However, limit what you share. Don't share too much information especially where strategies are involved, or you risk having some potential clients using the gems of knowledge to implement some of your plans. While it's a free market, it is somewhat unethical to steal such information. It also works against your business when virtually anyone can implement your best strategies. Remember that you are also in business and your strategy is your intellectual property to generate income. Educate your clients, but remember not to expose yourself to redundancy.

4. Follow up

Work on a plan to reach out to the clients after the SEO pitch without bugging them. Figure out the best approach to use that won't leave them feeling pressured to communicate with you. For example, if you encounter new information on SEO tactics that the particular client will benefit from then share it with them. This move opens up channels for dialogue, and the constant communication may bring you closer to a deal. Refrain entirely from asking what they have decided on, or if they are ready. They will do that in due time.

The perfect SEO pitch will work – in theory. Thus, make sure you know the best ways to deliver the presentation without sounding like every other SEO service provider. Stand out from the crowd.