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The benefits of freelancing cannot be overemphasized, and if you want to get involved, the right time is now as 34% of people living in the USA are involved, and more than 76% are reported to be freelancing. It doesn't mean that you can evade tax simply because you work for yourself.

Thousands of engineers, technical service personnel, computer programmers, and a host of other professionals are self-employed. In tough economic situations and times, when workers lost their jobs and took longer to get another, many of them delved into freelancing.

Unknowingly to them, they were about to learn a crucial business lesson – keeping track of expenses and income.

According to Ms. Goodman, the author of "My So-Called Freelance Life: How to Survive and Thrive as a Creative Professional for Hire," doing your taxes well is as important as the skill you are trying to sell, if not more important than it. Learning about how to keep figures or study numbers can be hard for some professionals, which is why there is an option to get a tax professional to help you with filing your self-employment tax NY.

It is similar to those boring Mondays you have at work. One of the major surprises you will get as a freelancer is that you get to pay full payroll taxes compared to full-time employees that pay half. Their employers pay the other half.

The key to tax evasion is maximizing the deductions provided for you as a self-employed individual. You can only do this by keeping track of your expenses, so detailed that you have a proof for all spending.

There are tax applications and software that can help you to maximize the deductions provided by the IRs for your self-employment tax NY. These deductions range from mileage to office space to travel expenses, rental properties, equipment, educational expenses that relate to the business, assets, and all-business related expenses.

For example, if you were using your room as your office space, you can deduct the cost from your self-employment tax NY. Another example is the cost of gas your car consumed while traveling to meet your clients for their photoshoot.  These deductions lower your taxable income and also the taxes you owe by reducing your tax bracket and not necessarily the actual taxes.

Self Employment Tax NY Form 1040
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Basics of filing self employment tax NY

  • It would be best if you learned about the specific tax rate in your region before estimating your taxes. To determine your tax rate, you must first calculate your net profit or net loss, simply put, this is subtracting your total expense from your total income. If your expenses are less than your income, you have a net profit, and if your income is less than your expenses, you have a net loss.
  • Form 1040 schedule C must be filed if your net earnings from your business are $400 or more. Even if less than that, you have to file a tax return if any of the requirements in Form 1040 was met. According to IRS, independent contractors who have estimated taxes of more than $1100 are expected to pay it quarterly using Form 1040.


The key to escaping the last-minute rush of falling into errors during the tax season is to start early. Starting early will make you maximize deductions, and if filing self-employment tax NY yourself seems like an arduous task, then it will be best to hire a professional that can help you. However, hiring a tax professional is best at the beginning of the season so that it will be more of a preventive than a curative measure.

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Prepare your

Self Employment Tax NY

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