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Self Employed Invoice Template for Hours Worked

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Self Employed Invoice Template for Hours Worked

The self-employed industry, otherwise known as freelancing, is gaining more prominence by the day. The number of freelancers keeps growing in Europe and predominantly in the US. Freelancing had a direct impact close to $1 trillion on the US economy in 2019, according to a report published by Upwork, a global freelance company. The number of freelancers in the country has continued to grow, with about 35% of the workforce now in the business. So, the niche is up-and-coming but has its challenges. 

One of the headaches of freelancing is fixing prices and getting payment from clients. Some reports have it that businesses often take at least 28 days to clear their invoices. If you provide services to clients on an hourly basis, you should be ready to create a self employed invoice template hours worked to request payment officially from your clients. Hourly rate billing is a flexible policy many freelance writers, web designers, graphics designers, and support specialists adopt for charging clients.

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You should take note of your billing policy when creating your self employed invoice template hours worked. Being self-employed means, you find your clients and bid for contracts. It means you must be competitive and professional, and this involves your invoicing method as well. Since your goal is to provide quality services to clients and get paid on time for your work, you should consider the following invoicing best practices when drafting your self employed invoice template hours worked.

1. Sign a contract and include your payment terms

Don’t seal a contract with a handshake; it works, but you don't want to subject your agreement to chance. Sign a contract before working on a project and then include only the payment terms of your agreement in your self employed invoice template hours worked. 

2. Clarify payment terms & date

When billing your client, you want to be sure they know when you expect your fees. Include your payment due date like “Due in 30 days”, “45 Days Net” or “payment due upon receipt.” Let your client know about your hourly rate policy and let them see in the invoice that you only billed for the active house you put in the job.

3. Correct contact information 

Ensure you provide correct and updated contact information of your business in the self employed invoice template hours worked. You make it easy for a client to contact you if there is a need. Also, include the contact details of your client so they can easily claim responsibility for the bill.

4. Service details

Let clients know what you are billing them for, and they rate you are providing the service. Be detailed as much as possible to avoid calls and emails requiring you to do some explanation. 

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5. Create and send an invoice promptly

You should create and send your self employed invoice template hours worked when you complete the job. The longer you delay in sending the invoice to clients, the longer it takes for them to settle your bill.

6. Invoicing number & date

Add an invoice number to the self employed invoice template hours worked for easy tracking of bills. It helps you stay organized with a proper record of which customer has paid and ones that are yet to respond.

7. Charge interest & include incentive 

The use of interest and incentives are discreet ways of encouraging customers to pay your invoice. Charging interests create a sense of urgency because your customer doesn't want to pay more than necessary. Also, an incentive like a discount for timely payment enhances faster payment.

8. Note of thanks

Include a section to say "thank you" to your customer for the business. That alone may inform a repeating task or seal a recurring service.

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Self Employed Invoice Template for Hours Worked

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Self Employed Invoice Template for Hours Worked

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