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A freelancer’s financial future involves planning for retirement. Yes, freelancing is just like other trades in that the freelancer eventually retires. A good financial future is one where freelancers are able to meet their financial obligations without any problem. In a recent survey, it was reported that around 40% of Americans are not setting money aside for retirement; hence, the importance of the proposal for freelance projects that you prepare today. That proposal can guarantee your future financially. It can set you up well for retirement.

Some of the reasons that freelancers give for not saving include:

a)          The interest they earn from their piggy banks is just as good as the banks’

b)          Bank fees are penalties against the poor

c)           Live for today and forget all about tomorrow

So, why is the proposal for freelance projects the key to your financial future?

Allows you to think about money

The proposal enables you to think about money. Granted, the first thought in your mind will probably be on meeting the client’s needs. You will be focused on providing solutions to some of the problems the client faces. But, you should not disregard the importance of money. What you earn through this proposal, especially if the client buys into your idea or solution, will form part of your earnings today, tomorrow and the rest of your life. Yes, that client you get today through this proposal can stay with you for several years and refer many others to you.

Changes your mindset

It’s wrong to entertain some of these thoughts, which are common with freelancers:

a)          Retirement isn’t for you

b)          Government retirement funds are available for freelancers

c)           It’s impossible and unaffordable to save for retirement

Change your perception of the proposal for freelance projects. Change how you treat the proposal. Remember, it’s not for attracting clients only. The proposal guarantees your financial future, but only if you value money. Unfortunately, your retirement or financial future will suffer considerably when your proposal does not convince the client to pay you what you’re worth. If the proposal isn’t professionally written, you will lose clients and money. If this happens, your financial future will be in ruins.

Makes you happy with your finances

If you’re happy with your finances right now, it is highly likely that you will be happy with your financial future and retirement. You cannot be happy with your current financial situation if your freelancing career never attracts the best clients. In fact, your freelancing career needs well paying clients. Your financial future, including retirement, also needs clients who are unafraid to pay you what you’re worth. Where does this whole process begin? Well, it begins with the proposal that you send to prospective clients for freelance projects.

It’s important to save money. At times, what you earn may be peanuts, especially during the early days of your freelancing career. With time, however, you will be able to earn more. As your skills improve, your earnings will follow the same pattern. How much you earn, either as a newbie or veteran, depends on the quality of proposal for freelancing projects that you prepare. The proposal is one of the biggest determinants of your income. Apart from this, the proposal for freelance projects determines whether you will have money in hand for emergencies.

Lastly, remember that you have no choice than to secure your financial future, and that of your family too. Failure to do this is likely to jeopardize your financial future. You can (and should) start doing that with the proposal for freelance projects that you prepare and sign with your clients today. There is no time for waiting. You cannot afford to postpone saving. Ultimately, the future is only for the freelancers who are brave and disciplined enough to start setting aside money for old age and retirement.