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Project Management Proposal Template

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Project Management Proposal Template

Project management professionals are often engaged in managing a project for different reasons. A primary need for these professionals is their ability to achieve the set goals of a project within the given constraint. The primary constraint in a project includes the scope, budget, time, and quality, while other constraints may include the optimization of resource allocation to meet certain goals.

While a project management professional must not miss out on the vital skills needed in the field, it is also important for project professionals to have persuasive proposal skills. There's no hope of winning top contracts if you have no solid project management proposal template to convince clients of your skills. 

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A project manager initiates, plans, executes, controls and closes the work of a group of skilled personnel to achieve specific goals of a project. Clients need to see these skills in writing with respect to their proposed project if you must win their approval. This is where you have to craft a well thought out project management proposal template to highlight what you will be offering a client.

How to write a project management proposal template

A project management proposal should include just enough information that would help your sponsor make a decision. A good practice of proposal writing is to draft a compelling executive summary since that is what your client would encounter first in the document.

The quality of this section may determine if the reader continues to review the proposal or not. However, other sections of your project management proposal template are also important. See relevant information to include in your document.

1. Title page

This is the first page of the proposal where the title of the document appears. Besides the title, the section includes the name of your organization and the date you prepared the document. This should be followed by your email and contact address, as well as the information of the proposed client. 

2. Executive summary

Think about the executive summary of your project management proposal template as the section that captures the vision, goals, scope, and timeline of the project. This is where you paint a picture of what you’d achieve in the project if you are given the go-ahead. Include a statement of expertise, past successes, and the skills in your arsenal.

3. Project details and goals

If you coordinate a project, you must know the details about the task and the objective from your client's perspective. Highlight the problem and restate the goals using the words of the client.

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4. Scope and deliverables 

There’s something you are bringing to the table; this is the section of your project management proposal template to highlight them. Talk about your services, including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring plus control, and close of the project. 

5. Cost summary and resources

Outline the fees for each part of the project and give an estimate of the total cost. What resources are needed and which team do you plan to use to achieve the goal? 

6. Timeline and milestones

Break down the project into a manageable discrete task and set milestones if necessary. That will help you track and manage the project effectively. 

Project management proposal writing tips

The following tips will help you craft a solid project management proposal template.

  • Keep it simple with just enough information to help the proposed client make a decision.
  • Make a hypothesis, provide an estimate and don't just 
  • Include extra information in the appendix
  • Set realistic milestones

Custom your project management proposal template. Ensure you tailor it to meet the requirement of the proposed client

Create your own
Project Management Proposal Template

Create your own

Project Management Proposal Template

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