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Project Management Proposal Sample (PDF)

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Project Management Proposal Sample (PDF)

Sometimes, you need more than your ability to initiate, control, monitor, and successfully close a project to succeed as a project manager. Obviously, besides all you know about project management, there are essential administrative tasks that would influence your success in the business. Your ability to craft compelling proposals is a skill you must not joke with if you plan to win top projects in your niche. Writing a winning proposal from scratch seems arduous and often time-consuming.

Generally, being your administrative boss is one of the biggest challenges of independent consultants and project managers. Luckily, crafting a proposal is now fast and seamless with Bonsai's templates and solutions. You can browse through several well-thought-out templates and download a project management proposal sample PDF if you so wish.

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Creating and sending your project management proposal should not get in your way of planning new projects and concentrating on other core activities of your work. In a few clicks, you can get a ready project management proposal sample PDF, which you may edit to fit what you desire. Besides, you may use the tools on the platform to build your custom template and send it to the client directly from the interface.

This way, you can create a professional project management proposal ready in no time to be sent to your client. Once sent, the client can receive and view the document with a single click while you receive a notification to that regard. If you are unsure of the details of a professional project management proposal sample PDF, the next section of this article will clarify that for you. 

Understanding a project management proposal sample

Follow these simple steps to build a persuasive project management proposal.

1. Cover page

Plan to have a striking cover maybe with great project management graphics and give the document a caption that tells it is a project management proposal.

2. Identification of parties

Identify yourself as the project manager with your business name, mailing address, phone number, website, and contact address. Besides, identify the recipient of the proposal with appropriate information. 

3. Executive summary

The section gives a general overview of your project proposal. Make it simple such that a client would understand what you are proposing only by scanning this section of your proposal. 

4. Core problem & details of work

Your project management proposal sample PDF should address the problem you are trying to solve. Identify the pain point and describe the scope of the job. It is advisable to speak with the proposed client before drawing up a proposal to see from the client's perspective and know the right language to employ in relating information in this section. 

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5. Deliverable/strategic goals

Now, you should both understand the set goals of your client regarding a project as well as the problems. So, your deliverables and proposal language must align with the client's objective. Your project management proposal sample PDF may paint a picture of the benefit derived when given the opportunity to manage the project. Besides, a clear and detailed deliverable would help the client measure your performance in the project. 

6. Budget & compensation

What budget do you have to work with? What is your payment? Make a list of the services you wish to render and include the fees for each. Ensure you make things clear here; the clearer you are, the better it is for you.

7. Project schedule & resources

When are you expected to start the project if employed? Have you broken down the project into manageable bits and set milestones for them? Make it known when crafting your project management proposal sample PDF template. In addition, make a list of resources needed and define whose responsibility to provide them.

Create your own
Project Management Proposal Sample (PDF)

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Project Management Proposal Sample (PDF)

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