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Project Management Proposal (Examples)

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Project Management Proposal (Examples)

If you own a PMO consulting firm or work as an independent project manager, you’ve probably written a lot of proposals. And we understand that crafting each proposal from scratch demands a lot of attention and is sometimes labor-intensive. So, Bonsai has taken it up to provide you pre-designed project management proposal examples to make your work easier. These templates are available for download, and they are easy to edit into that proposal you’ve always admired.

As for newbies, creating a convincing proposal presents you with more business opportunities as a project manager, but how do you ensure all relevant information is included in the bill? Well, our project management proposal examples will help you stay organized with all the necessary details to include in your proposals.

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Besides, we'd show you the details that must be missing when writing your project management proposal in the last section of this article. 

Why use a project management proposal 

It is a common business practice for companies to seek cost-effective and more efficient ways to get things done. One of the methods businesses employ to achieve that is by outsourcing some of their jobs to companies or independent consultants who provide professional service in their area of need. To do this, companies often send out a request for a proposal (RFPs) to organizations.

Sequel to that, they expect a detailed response in the form of a document highlighting the details of work and deliverables promised and strategy to achieve their goal. Hence, the reason you should see different project management proposal examples and learn how to customize to meet specific needs. That is a proven method to stand out and stay ahead of the competition to guarantee top jobs in your niche.

A project management proposal will benefit you in the following ways:

  1. Create an excellent impression to hook up a prospective client
  2. It makes you appear professional 
  3. Proposal are great documents for tracking work
  4. They are suitable for record-keeping
  5. It makes it easy to see if you’ve left out a deliverable when drafting the document
  6. Help you stay organized with clients you’ve worked with in your career. 
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Understanding the sections of a project management proposal

Typical project management proposal examples contain vital information about the project in views such as scope, objectives, goal, and timeline. See the details about these sections below.

1. Cover page 

Your cover page is the first thing your client would probably see, therefore, make it striking and visually appealing. The design and content of the page can make the reader generate a keen interest in what you have to offer.

2. Pain points

Next, project management proposal examples should make the clients reading it nod their heads in agreement to the issues they are facing. Here, the document should paint a picture of what the problem the client's company is facing and how you can come in to solve it. Most times, clients get more interested when a proposal uses their language or explains their pain point from their perspective. 

3. Deliverables/strategy 

Your project management proposal must highlight your deliverables and the approach you've planned to adopt in achieving the goals of your client. Project owners often want to see how the project will benefit their business or organization when you complete it. 

4. Successes and best fit

In this section, you’d want to let prospective clients know your unique qualities and capabilities that prove you can handle the project with dexterity. Give details about your deliverables and past project successes. 

5. Compensation

Explain your pricing model and the fees for your service. You may want to adopt an interactive pricing table to ensure your prospective clients understand the pricing since it influences their decision to give you the go-ahead or not. Some PM experts make use of project management apps and time trackers to enhance effective billing.

6. Acceptance/terms & conditions

This is the section where you state your terms and conditions, including payment options and windows. Include a field for signature in case of acceptance and seek the opinion of legal experts to help out with terms of work.

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Project Management Proposal (Example)

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Project Management Proposal (Examples)

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