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You're freelancer interested in a product design job because you know you're qualified and can live up to the needs of the client, right? Well and good! So how do you get the client to see what you're seeing? How are you going to ensure they get to have confidence in you and your ability to design a product that would sell, beat the competition and make their business idea successful?

Writing a powerful product design brief example is the answer. It should capture the flesh and vigor required for the project to the best of your understanding.

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Below are some things that need to be covered in the product design brief example.

1. Information about the client company

A product design brief may actually not be so helpful if it doesn't contain information about the client company. Much of what defines the company such as its values, corporate colors, history, goals, and mission are invaluable for the development of a compelling product design brief example. Besides the general information that cuts across almost every business or organization, as a consultant, ensure you ask the following questions if you don't have the details to include in a product design brief example:

  • What's the nature and size of the business?
  • In which industry does the client operate?
  • What are the general demographics of the company's current customer base?
  • What other products does the company have? Are they related to the current product or not?

2. What's the product to be designed?

In addition to details about the company, a product design brief example should contain information about the product to be designed, underlining its functions, what it's made of, key benefits, the problems it’s seeking to solve, competitors if any and so on and so forth. If adequate details about the product are provided to the client in a product design brief example, the whole design process would be effortless, as long as the consultant has the right skills.

3. Who is the product meant for?

A key question to answer in a product design brief example is who the product is targeting. There are so many reasons why knowing the audience is important, including using the information to decide on the sizes, weight, pricing, packaging, shape, ingredients and more. For example, if a product is targeting children, it’s expected to have some specific characteristics that resonate well with children. This should include taste, color and more.

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4. Relevant benchmarks or examples of inspiring designs

Many clients know what they want, but often lack words to give the freelancer an exact picture of their ideas. As a freelancer, if you've been engaging others on work matters, you definitely remember one time or another when you gave as much information as you thought was necessary but was disappointed with what was delivered to you. This happens when the words used, however descriptive they appear to be, fail to paint the same picture on the client’s mind and on the freelancer’s. In such instances, sharing designs of things that inspire you can go a long way in showing your client what you're thinking to design. Where possible, include such samples in your product design brief example.

5. The product price range

You already know the people you're targeting with the product, but do you know how much they'd be willing to pay for a product such as the one you are going to design? Why is this important? Product design is guided by a number of principles, all of which when put together dictate the final product price. As a consultant you need to be provided with the recommended price range and capture it in your product design brief.

All components used in the product design with make reference to the price. Below are some questions worth answering in a product design brief example:

  • The distribution channels to be used for the product.
  • Expectations of the company in terms of profits from the product selling price.
  • Rights to the product design.
  • The price the client is willing to pay for the design work.
  • The deadline within which the work is to be completed.

It's important to understand that a freelancer relies heavily on the product design brief example as the point of reference and so it needs to be done right from the very onset.