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Printable Invoice Template

Invoicing can be fast and ridiculously easy to achieve if only you adopt efficient solutions and techniques to handle the process. Whether you run a big company or small business, getting paid is very important, and it should be done on time. A free printable invoice template eliminates a lot of headaches involved with invoicing. With a ready template and cloud-based solutions, you can create faster invoices with little or no room for error, download and send to clients to enhance speedier response. Sometimes, using sophisticated accounting software may cost you a lot when you can adopt a simpler and more customizable solution. 

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Invoices serve more purposes than just requesting payment from clients. Sometimes, invoices are the last contact a client has with your business. So, you can't afford to undervalue the document and its potential to win you more customers. There are several ways of creating a printable invoice template; it is either you craft the document from scratch or download a printable invoice template online. Creating and editing invoices online will serve you right if you have little or no idea of the best practices of crafting the document. See the next section of this article for the relevant sections of a professional invoice. 

Creating your printable invoice template

When creating a printable invoice template, you want to keep in mind that it needs to cover relevant information on invoicing and its ease of printing. So, you must choose the format suitable for printing if you will need a hard copy document. See the sections that you must not miss in the invoice template. 

1. Professional header

Your business name should appear in the header section of your printable invoice template.  It should also carry your business logo and contact information, including mailing address, contact address, email, phone number, and website. 

2. Client contact information

Including the contact details of a client on a printable invoice template makes it easy claiming responsibility for the bill. Information here should at least include mailing address, phone number, contact address, and website of the client. 

3. Invoice number & date

Numbers on invoices are useful for referencing and tracking the documents. They also help you track your account receivable, which is vital to the financial health of your business. It also shows to your customer that you are professional and organized. Also, include the date field on the template for reference purposes. 

4. Product or service details

Give a breakdown of the items and the cost of each product or service in the bill. A detailed explanation of items, units, and prices in your printable invoice template would eliminate room for calls and unnecessary delays in response from clients. You may enter goods as line items and include fees to ensure your customers understand what and the amount they need to pay.

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5. Tax & shipping fees

Shipping fees and taxes are elements that may affect the total amount on the invoice. Check tax materials for applicable rates and include shipping fees if applicable. You may also add other expenses that would affect the total amount in this section of the bill.

6. Terms & conditions

Clarifying payment methods and preferred currency if sending the invoice to an international client will help prevent unnecessary delays. Include your payment due date, say "Due in 30 days, 45 or 60" and add discount rate if applicable. Discount and penalty for late payments are discreet ways of encouraging faster payment from clients.

7. Note

You may add this optional section to communicate anything you wish to tell your customers. This could be a thank you message, reminder, or a closing note.

Create your own
Printable Invoice Template

Create your own

Printable Invoice Template

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