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Printable Invoice (PDF)

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Printable Invoice (PDF)

Invoices are business documents for providing information regarding a particular purchase or service. Usually, invoices itemize the goods or services provided, and they give details about the individual prices of goods or the rate for specific services in a transaction. In today's fast-paced world, you can create and send invoices to customers electronically within a few minutes.

So, you don't necessarily need to print and physically store your invoice. However, an occasion may demand you print your invoice. So, you need a solution to create a printable invoice PDF for billing your client effectively. 

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If you run a small business or work as an independent contractor, you do not have to spend so much on accounting software and invoicing solutions. You can always adopt affordable invoicing tools and maximize free solutions to create an invoice that you can print.

Bonsai offers different invoicing solutions to create your preferred printable invoice PDF template. All you need to do is choose a template and start creating your invoicing by entering unique details about your business. Once you are done, you can save the template, send it to the client online or download it to your local machine if you need to print it in PDF.

Another alternative is to search for a printable invoice PDF from the gallery, download, and edit it offline. 

Benefits of using a printable invoice PDF

Invoices play a vital role in requesting payments from clients. No matter you're the niche your business belongs to, you are bound to experience lingering payment. A PaySimple survey revealed that 80% of small businesses struggle with receiving payment. So, a professional printable invoice PDF would go a long way to serve as a gentle reminder to notify the client of payment and track your outstanding payments.

See the benefits of using invoices to request payment below:

  • Using invoices is the best and most convenient way to request payment officially
  • A printable invoice PDF helps you keep a proper record of client bills and also track your income. You can stay organized using the invoices as it helps you with the documentation of your financial transactions
  • The invoices will help clarify the goods or services for which you have received payment. Hence, it is important to itemize the goods or services supplied along with the fees when creating your printable invoice PDF. This way, you have a more transparent record and avoid complications in payment reconciliation. 
  • It is quite problematic getting payment if you don’t employ an invoice. Some policies and payment terms in your invoices like a discount for early responses and penalty for late payment may serve as a positive reinforcement to getting paid promptly.
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Creating your printable invoice PDF

Follow these simple steps to create a solid printable invoice 

  1. Browse through our gallery to choose a template or download one to start customizing
  2. Include your business name and your logo in the header section of the printable invoice PDF.
  3. Next, add your contact information- mailing address, email, phone number and website
  4. Include the contact details of your client or the payer in case there is a difference between parties
  5. The date you created the template should be added. Besides, generate a unique customer/invoice number to track the document
  6. The body of the invoice is where you add details of the service provided or goods supplied. List the services each on a line or create a table for a better arrangement
  7. Include the fees for each service/task or the quantity and rate for each good supplied
  8. Add a section for taxes and other fees that would affect the grand total. Sum the fees and emphasize the total due payment
  9. Include your payment terms-preferred payment method, payment due date (Net 30, 45 or 60 days
  10. Save the document and send to your machine for printing
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Printable Invoice (PDF)

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Printable Invoice (PDF)

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