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Website development is something with widespread scope in these days of globalization. Every venture or organization is in search for able website developers who can write good websites for them. PHP is quite a preferable platform to develop websites and professionals involved in the industry testify. According to website like Indeed and SkilledUp , PHP is one of the most popular skills in the website development market among the likes of Java.This means that website developers working as freelancers are in high demand these days and this makes professionals vulnerable as well. There are numerous things that cannot only jeopardize your contract and its subsequent payment, but also possibly have an adverse affect on your whole freelance career. You should make sure that you are safe and in a properly documented mutual agreement with your client before starting your freelance PHP contract.Now you definitely do not want that to happen. So we suggest that you take some time out, for the sake of your professional safety, and draft a contract that will be agreed upon by your client before you start your work.There are a few things that you must make sure to add to your contract. 1. Your exact duties . It is highly advisable to pen down all your professional duties, whether it is writing of the main code, implementing graphics or even something as little as debugging the code, you have to clearly define your part. This way you can avoid unnecessary confusion since drafting such an agreement will let your client know exactly what he will be delivered.  2. The payment schedule . Most PHP web development freelance agreements are long term projects which involve stages and payments are made in installments. So in order to preserve professional integrity, you need to tell the client how much the total cost for the project is and what scheduled is to be followed regarding installments. It is also preferable to mention information like the financial mediums to be used or any third parties involved. 3. An intelligent move to make when preparing contracts is to make sure you cover all risks and play it safe. There are several risks that can influence your website development process that include things raging from technical failures not in your control to unprecedented cancellation to unstable political scenarios. Now how unlikely these things may sound, they are after all possible and you can actually use contracts to be safe by agreeing with your client what you would do if something should happen.The most important thing to do is to be as precise as possible and this is what Bonsai excels at. Bonsai allows you to choose from a sea of contracts one of your liking and that to in a few minutes. So we implore you to choose a good contract before your PHP web development projects get going. For all the professionals out there, we also have various other services you can avail. You can take a look at Bonsai's Freelance Invoices if you are looking for billing clients or freelance iOS App Design for guidance regarding app development.