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Pest Control Invoice Template
Pest Control Invoice Template
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Pest control professionals use their skills and experience to get rid of pests from homes and keep people safe from the damage of destructive actions of bugs and rodents. As you thrive in pest extermination, the administrative and paperwork aspect of your business, such as invoicing, contracts, receipts, and work orders, mustn't be handled with levity if you must continue in business.

These documents are essential because pest control professionals’ job is sensitive to human health. It would help if you had to create a pest control invoice in billing your clients for labor and material costs in ridding their homes and commercial properties of pests. 

Pest Control Invoice Template
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How to create a pest control invoice template

A pest control invoice records relevant information about the service rendered, such as the location of pest control service, the materials employed, treatment method to get rid of pest (s), and the cost of treatment. The cost can be broken down into the price of each chemical and the quantity used plus the labor cost of the service.

See other details in an ideal pest control invoice below.

1. Personal information in your pest control invoice

At the top of the document, include your company name, contact address, mailing address, and email. You may include your logo and personal statement if you have. Note that your invoice must state that it is a billing document clearly at the top of the bill.

2. Client information in your pest control invoice

Include relevant client's information like name, contact address, mailing address, and website.

3. Due date and invoice number in your pest control invoice

Your pest control invoice should carry the date it was sent to clients and the due payment due date. There should also be a unique invoice number on the document for record and tracking purposes.

US individual consultants that are licensed with a total charge exceeding $600 in a year are required to pay tax. If you fall in this category, it is expected you add your Federal tax ID to your pest control invoice to request the 1099-MISS form.

4. Service information in the pest control invoice

Just below the client information should be details about the services you've rendered. These include the name of the pest you treated, the method used in killing/eradicating pests, and the application rate of the pesticide used. You may also add the targeted areas in the home or commercial property you worked upon and any post-application notes if applicable. 

5. Material information in the pest control invoice template

Enter a short description of chemicals in a table, the unit price, and the quantity used. Give a total cost of material used on your pest control invoice by multiply the unit price and the quantity used.

6. Labor charges in the pest control invoice sample

Create another table to describe the number of hours worked and the fees per hour. Multiply hours worked by the rate per hour to get total labor charges. Create a field in your pest control invoice to capture the sum of labor and material cost. Include sales tax if applicable and state your total cost due after tax.

Pest Control Invoice Template Sample
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Final words

Pest control experts should operate a flexible service, especially when operating as a freelancer. Most pest exterminators send in pest control invoice upon project completion. But if the project scope is completed requiring extra materials and work hours, some experts may request a percentage of the cost upfront to get materials with the remainder after project completion.

Depending on the project scope, the pest control invoice can take different forms; only be professional about it and include your recommendation to clients.

Be kind, courteous, and empathetic about your services to clients; that can be a good way to spread the good news about your services leading to more pest control contracts. 

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