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Freelancers are skilled in the service they offer, and that makes them thrive in the industry. But real success demands more than the ability to perform a service to your clients as a freelancer. As a painter, there’s no doubt about your skills in handling the brush; in fact, every perfect stroke of the brush brings you closer to a paycheck.

The big question is, how should you bill clients to get a positive result? It starts with crafting a great painting invoice. It is possible to get a painting invoice example online that can be of help to you. But before you make your choice, be sure of the essential details that your ideal invoice should contain.

Painting Invoice Template
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Why a painting invoice example?

Getting paid as a painter start from the preparation of the invoice. Sending invoices to clients is a vital billing step in business. Painters need to send an invoice to clients after a project. It notifies the recipients about the due amount they are to pay for a service. Now, that may sound challenging, especially if you are yet to draft one.

But that is simple, you can download our painting invoice example, and then customize it to your taste or follow our guide on how to formulate one for your business. Why should you have a painting invoice template for your business? Below are the benefits of invoice templates for your freelancing business. 

  • It helps keep track of your finances 
  • Help organize your payment received and keep track of the inflow
  • Proper record for clients
  • There is a record of making your freelance taxes computation less stressful
  • Less missed payments and due dates
  • Keeps your schedule easy and organized
  • It helps you monitor outstanding debts 

Sending professional invoice benefits you and also speaks well of your business to your clients. For this reason, the painting invoice example to use should contain relevant details about your business an also direct your client on how to pay you. 

Painting Invoice Template Sample
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Creating your painting invoice example

You've put in the time, you've created a great piece with strokes of your brush, its time to be paid for your work. You can create your invoice without having to deal with complicated tools and spending so much on accounting software.

Just download a painting invoice example, customize and send it right away. Here is a guide on how to create your professional painting invoice.

  1. Download the ideal painter invoice example from Bonsai
  2. Add your business name and contact information like email, address, mailing address, and website
  3. Include your logo and use your colors
  4. Add client information, email address, contact number, and website.
  5. Add the issue date and payment due date
  6. Include an invoice number to track the document 
  7. List the painting services you have provided and the break down of the fees
  8. Add the charges and put the total in a bolder lettering
  9. Add your payment terms and conditions
  10. Include discounts for early responses if you like and the penalty for delayed payments
  11. If sending to an international client, specify your preferred currency and mode of payment
  12. Include any industry requirement; check different painting invoice example or do a little research
  13. An optional note of “thank you” or whatever cliché if your business has one

Final words

Every business is unique and the same for their invoices. When designing or editing your painting invoice, ensure you include things that are specific to the service you render. Be simple enough so that your invoice recipient understands what your billing documents contain to avoid delay in payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

How do I make an invoice for a painting?

Customize and download Bonsai's free painter invoice template. Edit the template to include your business information, client details, logo, contact information, invoice number, issue date, due date, and payment details.

Is there an invoice template in Microsoft Word?

The best free invoicing template is easily Bonsais. Bonsai has a simple interface where you can easily insert your logo, business info, payment terms, price and set up recurring invoices. Our software lets you manage and send invoices from one place.

What is the best free painting invoice template?

The best free invoicing template is easily Bonsais. Bonsai has a simple interface where you can easily insert your logo, business info, payment terms, price and set up recurring invoices. Our software lets you manage and send invoices from one place.