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For every business, a marketing strategy is a crucial factor that they can't ignore. The same applies to digital marketing. As an online marketing consultant, you need to develop sound marketing strategies that will boost your clients' businesses. However, how do you convince a potential client that you can give robust digital marketing strategies that take them to the next level?

Your online marketing proposal is the document that should get you that client who is willing to invest in digital marketing. However, there are vital aspects your proposal should touch on to be relevant to the client's needs. Regardless of whether you download a template from the internet, or you prefer to draft one from scratch, your proposal should convince the client you understand what they need.

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1. Key Points of an Online Marketing Proposal

In order to hope for a positive outcome, an online marketing proposal should ideally touch on all of the below points.

1.1. Your strategy offers direction and focus

There are as numerous strategies as there are digital marketers. However, not every approach should be adopted. Thus, if you are to get the client to believe in your service, your online marketing proposal should offer a semblance of direction and focus in tune to the business needs of the client.

1.2. Your strategy offers a robust online value proposition

The proposal should provide an approach where the client will increase interaction with potential and existing customers. Without this, the online presence will be redundant, offering no real returns on investment to your client. Your strategy needs to show that it can boost the click-through rate for both new and returning online visitors.

Besides attracting new visitors, the proposal should present a way in which your client gets to understand the existing customers much better. Thus, there is the need for the ability to measure qualitative and quantitative data – whether through customer relations management applications or a social media strategy. This action allows your client to continuously gather data on the customers' pain points, allowing their business to evolve with their customers' needs.

1.3. Better budgeting

A strategy that offers better budgeting for digital marketing will sail through better than one that provides extra expenses. You should be able to plan the digital marketing needs if it is to succeed. The proposal which offers the skills needed to use time and finances effectively delivers better results to the client.

1.4. Constant optimization

When measured by KPIs, the digital marketing strategy should give directions to create a continuous environment for improvement. There should be strategies to track and manage efforts that have been proposed continuously.

1.5. Avoid silos

An integrated digital marketing strategy strives to create a vision aligned with every department in the client's business. The online marketing proposal should provide an avenue where the necessary governance to pilot new technologies is available, allowing the organization to share data and manage capabilities and processes.

1.6. There is a return on investment

The online marketing proposal should provide avenues to measure the marketing activities, ensuring cost-effective measures. There should be directions to provide the capacity to support digital marketing operations that deliver the client's desired results.

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2. Why Build A Brand?

Your online marketing proposal will have a better effect if it also addresses the branding concerns of the client you are pitching to. Building a brand isn't a straight-forward thing. Creating an online brand is part of growing the business. The factors that should be considered include:

  • What are the needs of the target customers?
  • How does the competition meet the needs of the target customers?
  • How is the product or service different from the competition?
  • How will the target clients know that your products are better than the competition's through your online presence?

These factors are fundamental if the online presence is to create a lasting impact on the target audience.

In Conclusion

Digital marketing isn't just adding an online presence to the myriad of the marketing mix. There should be considerations on the value and effectiveness of the plans put in place. The marketing strategies should transform the business, and your proposal should make it clear to the client how you will help transform their business.