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Modelling Invoice TemplateModelling Invoice TemplateModelling Invoice Template

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If you do modelling as a freelancer, it means you will not only act as your agent and also search for jobs; you also have to deal with the paperwork and financial transactions. For modelling firms, it is not uncommon to see them use vouchers in receiving payments on behalf of their clients, but as a freelancer, you may need a modelling invoice.

Given the number of projects you are involved in the level of your involvement, a modelling invoice template is advisable in getting payments from clients. If you have to create a template yourself, be sure to include relevant information about your service and make it professional. And if you choose to get an ideal template online, ensure it is a modelling invoice template and not for product modelling or some other freelance invoice template.

Your invoice must not necessarily be snazzy; its primary purpose is to provide relevant billing information for clients such as hours worked and charges per hour or total amount due. 

Modelling Invoice Template
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What is a modeling invoice template?

So, what is an invoice? A modelling invoice is a commercial document that itemizes and records the transactions between a model and a client. A professional modelling invoice template would specify the services rendered, the terms of payment, and the due date of payment.

Historically, documents such as invoices of different types are printed on paper. Today, electronic invoices are fast becoming popular and acceptable because of their flexibility and accuracy in recording, storing, and keeping track of financial transactions.

Basics of a modelling invoice template

A modelling invoice template must have it on the face of the bill that it is a modelling invoice. It should have an identifier number called the invoice number to monitor and track the status of the document after sending it to clients. Invoice numbers could take any form, but they are advised to be a set of serial codes for easy identification and documentation.

The following are useful tips on how to make an invoice for your modelling services:

1. Be simple in your modelling invoice example

Keep your invoice simple and clear so that clients can easily understand what it carries. The document should clearly state what you are billing for, the service performed, the hours used, and the charges or fees per hour if that is what your bill for your modelling service. 

2. Include personal information in your modelling invoice example

Add your dates such as name, address, contact, and email address to your modelling invoice template; also include client’s data.

3. Payment terms and conditions in your modelling invoice sample

State the terms of payment and the due date in the invoice. Also, include the currency and the preferred mode of payment.

Modelling Invoice Template Sample
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4. Address the invoice to the right recipient in your modelling invoice sample

Modelling freelancers often experience a delay in payments for sending an invoice to the wrong parties. Check who is in charge of payment if you experience delays in payment and see if changes can be made.

5. Clarity in your modelling invoice

Clarify the payment terms and avoid too much of the industry jargon if they will confuse your client. The purpose of the invoice is to notify them of payment and not to lecture them on modelling. 

6. Send your modelling invoice on time

As soon as you have fulfilled the deliverables agreed upon in your contract, you can send the invoice. Clients are most likely to respond faster when they receive invoices on time after a successful modelling service. Since you are billing for services rendered, creating your modelling invoice template and sending it on time encourages clients to consider paying since the service is still fresh in their minds. 

7. Flexibility in your modelling invoice

Show flexibility since you are in charge of your business as an independent model. Be flexible with your payment terms and options, and providing incentives for early responses would not be out of place to encourage your clients.



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