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Marketing Agreement Sample

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Marketing Agreement Sample

Marketers are skilled in identifying the goods and services that are of interest to consumers. They are also good at introducing new goods and services to the market on behalf of a business or company. If you are a freelance marketer, you’d have clients seek your service to promote their business.

In that case, working together would be a good idea of only there is an agreement or contract in place. A marketing agreement sample would help set up the terms and conditions in working with a client.

If you are employed as a marketer, you will assist your client in selling their goods or services by creating materials that would promote such a product or service. These materials may range from pamphlets, flyers, brochures, advertisements, websites, contents, or booths for advertising products or service at trade shows.  

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A marketing agreement sample can be created by either a client or a freelance marketer. Irrespective of who creates the document, it must be customized to cover the agreement between the parties involved. The agreement, once written and signed, becomes a binding contract that guides your business relationship with a client.

A marketing agreement sample should specify the following information about the participants to guide the business relationship properly. 

1. Information of parties involved

A marketing agreement should start by specifying the parties that are involved in a marketing contract-client and the marketer or two businesses. The document should include name, mailing address, contact address, website, and phone numbers of all participants.

2. Responsibility & deliverables

The marketing agreement sample should spell out your responsibility as a marketing specialist and what you are expected to deliver as an exchange of monetary reward or other forms of value. Ensure you understand the marketing requirements and what is expected from you. 

3. Material requirement / procurement

There should be a material requirement clause in a marketing agreement sample to avoid unnecessary delay of work. Sometimes, a client may need to provide some resources for a marketing professional to work.

4. Project timeline

Agreements are only valid with time. Questions about start time, end date, and milestone dates should be set and specified on a marketing contract. Such will help to identify if a party is failing in his/her duty regarding the project execution.

5. Payment terms and conditions

Marketers are meant to be compensated for creating value; hence, a marketing agreement should state how a consultant would be compensated. It also has to report the timeline for payment and penalties for defaulting.

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6. Termination

It is wisdom to admit that some relationships may go awry, resulting in one participant opting out prematurely. A clause should be added to your marketing agreement sample to take care of such a situation. Clients who withdraw from an agreement may be required to pay a certain amount of money to a freelance marketer. Another way to deal with this s to set a non-refundable deposit upon agreement to work together.  

7. Ownership / rights

If an intellectual property or proprietary information would be created as an outcome of the relationship, it is good to agree beforehand on who will own the property. Also, sensitive information that are shared between parties to enhance the successful execution of the marketing plans is meant to be kept secret.

If applicable, such propriety information should be spelled out in the Non-Disclosure (NDA) part of the agreement.  

8. Government laws

If applicable, services and information contained in your marketing agreement sample should comply with government regulations. In the US, Federal law may restrict clients to specific services and prevent marketers from being employed for anything illegal.

Create your own
Marketing Agreement Sample

Create your own

Marketing Agreement Sample

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