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Marketing Agreement (PDF)

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Marketing Agreement (PDF)

Sometimes, organizations have to outsource some business processes to focus more on their primary or core business objectives and long-term goals. Marketing is one of the most common areas that organizations often outsource to third-party firms, consultants, and freelancers. To ensure a contract is sealed between you as a freelancer or consultant with an organization, there is a need to have a well-written marketing agreement PDF in place and signed.

Your marketing task may include product/service promotion, advertising, or public relation. The agreement basically contains the list of tasks to be done, the project scope, resources needed, the project timeline, and the financial implication of the project. 

Marketing agreement seems easy to draft at face value, but depending on the nature of the deal they are meant to handle, some can be more technical and complex. We have written a guide on how to draft your professional marketing agreement PDF and the essential information it must contain. More so, we have templates in different formats you can download and customize for your use. 

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An organization granting an exclusive marketing right to a freelancer, consultant, or firm enjoys product or service promotion, which also strengthens the brand. Freelancers and affiliate marketers render their marketing service to clients in exchange for profit/value.

For such a collaboration to be effective, there needs to be a binding contract written in the form of a marketing agreement PDF. Also, the document must contain essential information as outlined below to protect freelancers and their clients fully.

1. Individual information

The personal information of the participants comes first in drafting a marketing agreement PDF. It includes the names of the manufacturer (one creating product or service) and distributor or wholesaler (freelancer or marketer). Also included in the document is the contact address, email, and websites of both parties.

2. Project definition

Next is the definition of key terms and the scope of work. Here, the roles of both parties are defined towards achieving the goal of the contract. If there are resources that need to be provided before the commencement of work, it has to spelled out and added as a clause to avoid the blame game.

3. Financial implications

The marketing agreement PDF should lay out the financial arrangement and the obligations of each participant. It is good you reach an agreement with your client on the sales price of profit and the percentage of profit that will come to you. Besides, items such as cost per unit of product/service, labor, distribution, and the shipping cost may be specified on the document. 

4. Marketing promotion rights

You don't want to be involved in a deal where you don't have the right to necessary intellectual property information needed to do your job. Add a clause of rights and limitations to using intellectual property in the market promotion. 

5. Publicity method

A section could be added, defining the approach or strategy to be used in promoting product/service.

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6. Ownership rights/proprietary information

This section of your marketing agreement PDF establishes the ownership rights of patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. It also states the information that both parties may not want to go public, which may be bound with time.

7. Dates and timelines

The document must specify the start and end dates as well as other important dates for payment, the supply of material, or the achievement of a milestone.

8. Warranty and termination

The warranty section provides or defines the guarantees of the agreement and establishes the warranties of the products/service and the work of the participants. Also, in the unfortunate case of withdrawal by any party before completion, the marketing agreement PDF should specify how that should be handled.

Create your own
Marketing Agreement (PDF)

Create your own

Marketing Agreement (PDF)

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