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Legal Consultant Agreement Template

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Legal Consultant Agreement Template

As a legal professional, you know how to win cases with your experience and tactful approach. As a legal consultant, you have huge potential when it comes to your earnings, and like any successful lawyer, you would like to take your practice to the next level. However, you lack confidence when preparing a freelance legal agreement and are unable to take up new clients because of this. 

It's possible that while you are an expert in legal issues, you might not have the experience in structuring your consultant contracts. There are numerous online templates and resources you can refer to thanks to Google, but there is a possibility that you might not include the right clauses in your agreement and, therefore, not enjoy the full benefits of a freelancing legal consultant.

There are certain points that you need to remember while drafting a legal consultant agreement, and we will guide you on how you should go about it.

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It is essential that your final agreement as a freelancer protects both your rights and those of your client. 

Tips for drafting a legal consultant agreement template

There are certain clauses that need to be included in the legal consultant agreement to make it foolproof. 

1. Description of services

What is the scope of services for which this legal consultant agreement is being prepared? You need to mention what are the services you will specifically offer to the client as a freelancer so that there is no dispute later on that you did not fulfill your part of the agreement. You need to mention your expertise, like criminal law or civil law, and experience in the area.

2. Consideration payable

The consideration that is payable by the client for your services should be included in the legal consultant agreement. You should carefully consider the case and then quote a fee to the client. This fee should be mutually agreed upon by both you and the client. Your fee will depend on your experience. 

3. Mode of payment

The mode by which the client will make the payment should be stated in the legal consultant agreement. Will you be paid on an hourly basis, or will there be a flat fee for the entire project? These questions need to be answered and inserted in your freelancing agreement. 

4. Confidential information

As a freelance legal consultant, you will have access to a lot of confidential information relating to the client. The legal consultant agreement should have a confidentiality clause according to which you cannot share this information with any third party.

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5. Governing laws

The legal consultant agreement needs to be prepared in accordance with the laws of the state in which you operate. This will ensure that the agreement is valid, and in case of violation of any clause in the agreement, the party violating the freelance agreement can be taken to court. 

6. Amendment

There should be a clause in the legal consultant agreement which allows for amendments to be made. If the freelancing agreement needs to be extended, then it can be done without any hassles. Otherwise, a fresh agreement has to be drafted. 

7. Indemnification

If the client does not follow the advice given by you, then they should indemnify you from any lawsuits and other charges faced by the client's business. You need to mention this in your freelance agreement.

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Legal Consultant Agreement Template

Create your own

Legal Consultant Agreement Template

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