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Invoice Template for Freelance Designer

You happen to be one of the luckiest freelance designers on the planet if there has not been a single payment issue in your evidently ideal career. Payment problems are by far the most complained about things in freelance. 71% are estimated to be among this league of the unfortunate, with more than $4 million as unpaid dues.

Amid this world of deception, you have to make sure you are not among the deceived ones and build yourself a phenomenal freelance designing career. Getting paid always and on time is the imperative for that and we suggest you adopt the best business practices to ensure this. Financing a designer's career is not an easy job after all; there's technical hardware equipment, expensive software, running costs etc. Needless to say, you deserve a decent earning for all this investment and creative service.

What you need to start doing is invoicing your clients. It is the most recognized method of demanding payments and initiating the whole payment procedure formally. It is best to get yourself an invoice template so you can conveniently build and send invoices out with no wastage of time. Moreover, having a template also standardizes your practice which is a good marketing tactic.

If you feel uncomfortable with this suggestion and worry it might backfire with your freelance clients refusing to work with you, we would like you to give this a read. Professional attitude, methods and flexibility is what makes you valuable and successful as a freelance designer, and good financial management is a part of all this. So go ahead with invoicing without hesitating.

Bonsai can help you out in choosing an effective and customizable invoice template from its range of templates. With our professional assistance, you can avoid fraud and also give sound attention to designing because financials wouldn't be something to worry about anymore.

So here are a few elements you should have in invoice template.

1. Contact details of both parties

2. Detailed list of charges-Clients like a summary of all things they are paying for

3. Your policy-Payment media, deadlines, late charges and discounts are typical examples

4. Promotional content-Make the best out of it and promote your business

5.Courteous remarks-Thank you notes and polite greetings increase goodwill and also chances of repeat business.

Finally, here are some other good business practices to follow and advice on invoicing. Dig in and get yourself a great invoice template.

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