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Freelancing has undoubtedly gained unprecedented popularity all around the World. In recent years, loads of skillful people have taken to freelance for earning money and in a short time this professional cult has acquired enough potential to influence economies. This article from Forbes and this comprehensive study by Upwork and Freelancers Union are testament to these facts.

But as it goes, where there good there is always bad as well. No matter how attractive freelancing is to you, it has its cons. The immensity of the whole online community has also caught the eye of wrongdoers who are in constant search of vulnerable and careless freelancers to trick and get their work done free of cost.

Freelancers should, therefore, be vigilant and take all necessary steps to avoid such frauds. The biggest issue facing freelancers is regarding payments since many a contract often either goes unpaid or payments are made after considerable difficulty and persuasion. But these issues can be significantly decreased by invoicing.

All you need to do is to prepare an invoice for your client and send it along with the final project and this simple act can save you lots of apprehension regarding your pay. Bonsai offers you an excellent invoicing service. We have several freelance invoice samples and templates that you can choose from and get your invoices ready within a few minutes.

Here are a few things you should consider including in your invoice to make it look professional.

The details of each party. These include the company names, addresses and other important bits of information. It helps in identifying the parties involved in the contract.

The payment details. Perhaps the most important bit. You need to give the client a complete list of all the costs involved so the demand of money is clearly conveyed. You should include per unit costs, quantities, miscellaneous charges besides the total amount of due payment.

A good practice is to include a payment policy as well. This helps in bringing authenticity to the whole contract as well as intimidates any potential fraudster. Make sure to tell the client to pay by a certain deadline via a certain payment medium. Also include what fees would apply if the policy terms are ignored and what legal action you can take against the offender.

Just take care of these things and you are ready to invoice your client.