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All businesses need payment to succeed. Businesses offer specific goods and services, but can't remain afloat without regular payments by customers. The freelance business that you own depends on payments from clients to continue operating. According to an article by Tam Harbert on LinkedIn, 1-out-of-3 workers in the United States are freelancing. Nonetheless, your freelancing career might fail to go to the next level if you continue ignoring the importance of preparing an invoice for freelance work.

Preparing the invoice isn't hard if you include a professional header. The header should contain your business name. Alternatively, you can include your full name. Write the business or your own name in professional font that's easy to read. The invoice must feature your contact details as well that include your phone number, mailing address, website and email address among others. Where possible, don't be afraid to design and include a unique logo as part of the professional header. Don't forget the client's contact info as well.

Next, the invoice for freelance work should feature specific details. Each invoice should have an invoice number and the date you prepared it. Don't send the invoice without indicating the date you expect payment from the client. The timeframe you use for the payment due date is entirely at your discretion. Nonetheless, the most common timeframes fall between 30 days, 45 days and 60 days. There's nothing wrong in inserting the, payment due on receipt, on the invoice so the customer knows that you expect him to pay immediately.

A breakdown of all the services you provided is mandatory. Enter your charges against each service that you provided before submitting the invoice to the client. Prepare a specific column for items such as date worked, description of services, quantity of work, rate, hours worked and the totals or subtotals. What is more, nothing prevents you from including a thank you message or reminder right at the bottom of the invoice. Once you prepare the invoice for freelance work, you should now be ready to send it  but only if you know when to do that.

When to send the invoice should not be a problem if you signed a contract with the client. A freelancing contract is important and you must prepare or sign one before commencing work. As long as you have business transactions with another entity, you must sign contracts. If the contract says that the customer should pay you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you should submit the invoice before the due date. Invoice the clients consistently and they'll have no problem paying you regularly.