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Interior designing is a pretty respectable profession and freelancers have gained popularity around the World for their invaluable consultations and aesthetic understanding. It's hard work since you need to visualize, keep in mind the client's requirements, procure material and also execute the whole plan.

However, the dilemma is that most people fail to comprehend this and freelance interior designers often face the issue of deciding upon a suitable rate. Charging per hour fee is quite a common method of charging clients in an interior design project. Just make sure that you take care of these things before going on to place a quotation. Know your market.

The best advice you can get from anyone. 

You see, interior design markets are quite different since what you offer is a luxury service. This means that your standard per hour rates may be acceptable somewhere, while they may be considered high or low somewhere else. Before taking on a project, it's best to research and know about what per hour rates average in that region, people and even at that time of the year. Then take some time to ponder over it and adjust your prices to that.

You'll be surprised at how much less negotiation takes place when you meet people's expectations. Know your worth. Many creative people struggle to decide upon the value of their works and this translates to problems in demanding hourly rates for their freelance work. 

You need to carry out self-assessment in order to clear the doubt. For this you may refer to friends, old colleagues and even your competitors and decide upon a decent rate to charge. And there is no need to feel bad about anything if you come to find your hourly fee to be a bit under your expectations. No one is always perfect, but if they work constantly towards perfection they tend to get better. Just build your reputation and skill through hard work and professionalism, you're your earning will shoot up within no time. Be tactful. This quality is a must for every interior designer. Negotiate with your clients in a way that they accept your rates.

Everyone is ready to bargain, but an awesome interior designer such as you makes them cringe for your service through their portfolio and marketing skills. According to Maria, some degree of straightforwardness can do the work because it shows confidence and professionalism so be straightforward as well. Just make sure to win yourself good interior design contracts, your hourly rates have the power to make or break it.