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Influencer Contract (PDF)

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Influencer Contract (PDF)

An influencer contract PDF is a relatively new type of agreement that defines the business relationship between two or more parties. The contract provides a specific relationship between a party called the advertiser and another party named the influencer. You as the influencer, promote the goods or services of the advertiser at an agreed rate.

Now, a handshake will not suffice such a business relationship. There needs to be a signed influencer contract PDF to define the roles of the parties and what to expect in the project. The “advertiser” in this agreement can be any brand or company owners looking for an influencer to promote their product/service. The advertisers do not have to be a traditional marketer.

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Social media experts make use of influencer contract PDF to protect themselves and create a roadmap for the services they need to render in promoting the market for their clients. The rise and wide acceptance of social media have led to an increase in this type of relationship between advertisers and social media influencers. More brands and company owners are looking for influencers to grow their customer base through social media market promotion.

Before creating an influencer contract PDF, you must be familiar with the content of the document. Also, consider the type of project you are handling, whether it is a one-time campaign or it involves a long term hire. For an on-going relationship, you, as the influencer, will be hired to provide your service over a long period, say six months to 1 year, or even more.

In this case, your influencer contract PDF may include a section for a retainer fee at a regular time interval, maybe a month or quarterly, depending on your agreement with the client. 

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Writing a influencer contract template in PDF

There is no standard agreement template between influencers and brands. Adding the following sections to your influencer contract PDF template makes it look professional and organized for a business relationship:

1. Information of parties

Like standard agreements, you'd add the basic knowledge of the influencer and the advertiser. The basic information includes business name, email address, phone contact, and contact address of both parties. 

2. Service description

Give a brief description of the service you've been employed to render. Mention the name of your service, whether a brand ambassador, social media influencer, or marketing influencer. What are your deliverables, and what should the advertiser or brand expect when you complete the project? 

3. Service timeline

When are you starting the project, and for how long will it last? Include the expected date to reach a milestone and state if it an on-going partnership or one-time campaign. 

4. Strategy

Give a brief description of your plan. Are you using Facebook or Instagram? Would you use pictures, comments, or reviews, and what hashtags will you employ? What is your schedule, and how often will you stay live? 

5. Exclusivity agreement

Are you permitted to promote the product or service of your client's competitor? Define your influencer contract PDF to take care of this factor. 

6. Compensation

State the total amount for your service and add other costs such as bonuses, late delivery payment, and fines. Add a preferred payment method to your influencer contract PDF and include the dates of sending invoices. 

7. Success measures

How do you want to measure your success? Define your key performance index (KPI) to target while your client can also use it to measure ROI.

8. Ownership & rights

Add a clause that defines the party who owns the contents created in the business relationship. 

9. Legal obligation & confidentiality

Create a space for signature and add clauses that deal with a confidentiality agreement and non-disclosure of plans to third parties.

Create your own
Influencer Contract (PDF)

Create your own

Influencer Contract (PDF)

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