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What do you need to thrive as a freelance illustrator? Is it possible to eke a living using your drawing skills? Yes, you can do all that and more. However, you would need to put a few measures in place to make that goal achievable. The first measure is to show the whole world – mostly your prospective and existing clients – that you are a true professional. You can do that in many ways, including writing and sending an illustration invoice template to all of them. That invoice is one of the most powerful tools in your freelancing career. Without it, you would struggle to monitor the work you have done and all pending payments.

First of all, it is essential for you as a freelancer to understand how crucial cash flow is to your business. When you can maintain a professional reputation, then it becomes easier to establish a stable client base. With a stable client base, you can guarantee reliable cash flow. Having said that, you must ask how to establish that client base and one way to do so is to use an illustration invoice example. This is a professional way to ask for payment and to ensure that payment is done on time.

If you have ever come across clients who must be prompted to pay, then you will appreciate what an illustration invoice template can do for you. And if there is any document that can prove to be extremely crucial for a freelancer, then an invoice is one of them. Basically what an invoice does is to guarantee that you don't work in vain, instead, you get to see the benefits of your sweat.

Illustration Invoice Template
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Below are some ways the illustration invoice example can prove greatly useful to you.

1. The illustration invoice template helps you to sell your work

It’s important to prove that you sell your work. Various documents are necessary for this kind of transaction to proceed. The documents prove your commitment to the craft and business. They prove that you take your skills – and all that they come with – seriously. Use this opportunity to put the different illustration techniques you have mastered over the years into good use. The figures and services on the invoice will keep improving with time. This will often be the result of the experienced you have gained and the time taken to boost your skills. The invoice will prove the fact that you’re better than you were a year or two ago.

An illustration invoice template, therefore, works to help you showcase your skills to the client and any other potential clients out there. It becomes an example of how creative you can be and the good you are capable of bringing to them. What this means is that, other than getting you paid, the invoice also helps to sell your value. It is a seamless way to ensure the client establishes trust in you and your skills as a freelancer. 

Having understood the fact that you are also selling yourself as a brand, and as a professional in the field, you have to ensure the invoice is presentable. You have to send something that is also eye-catching, let it bring out your creativity. If you are not sure of whether the illustration invoice example you are about to send is up to standard, you can opt for a template. Online templates make it easier for freelancers who need to make a positive impression and yet have no time to spare, to successfully achieve their objective without breaking a sweat.

2. The illustration invoice template is the proof that you value the clients

The invoice offers enough proof of the value you attach to each client. Without these clients, your business would be dead. Clients bring in the money; they keep you doing what you are best at. Therefore, make them your top priority. Consultancy is a highly competitive field. The consultant should be ready to surpass what every other consultant is offering. In other words, even when requesting for payment, you are selling yourself as a brand. You are still communicating to the client that you are the right person to work with. A good relationship can result in many more contracts in the future and even recommendations. 

The emphasis should be on a freelancer-client relationship. Fortunately, the illustration invoice template can help you with all that. Getting a client is never the main challenge. Many people assume that getting a client is the challenge, well that isn't so much so. When you have made a reputation or you have an attractive portfolio then you can easily get a contract. However, the challenge for many freelancers is maintaining a client for a long time. This happens mainly because challenges arise along the way that results in halting the client. The contract can end because you as a freelancer decided to do so, or the client felt unsatisfied and ends it.

To most freelancers, the toughest job involves retaining each client. It's possible to retain any of your clients as long as you treat them right. Use the illustration invoice to keep the client motivated to keep paying for your services. The invoice should convince them that they are indeed getting their money worth of services. In other words, the invoice shows that you care about your relationship with the client. This is because the invoice enables the client to understand what they are paying for, making it easier for things to run smoothly. Plus the invoices you send can help keep records of the period you have worked together with the client. An effective illustration invoice template must, therefore, be clear, detailed, and precise.

People tend to incline towards freelancers who display commitment and dedication in their work. An invoice shows how much you respect what you do as a professional, and in turn, your clients also reciprocate. In other words, the invoice will display your seriousness as a professional, which consequently shows the client how reliable or unreliable you are. You must understand that the services you offer are very crucial to the clients business; just the money they pay is to you. For this reason, there must be sufficient mutual respect for work to continue. Use the invoice to establish that point to all of them.

3. Manage finances well with the illustration invoice sample

Use the illustration invoice example as a tool – or document – for managing all your finances. The invoice helps you to know how much money has come into the business. It shows you how much work you have also spent. You need it to determine whether the business is making profits or losses. You may need an accounting software too. Consider investing in one if it will automate the financial management aspects of running your freelance business. At some point, especially as the business grows, you would be required to pay huge amounts in tax. It could be impossible to stay on top of all these payments and invoices without accounting software.

Every business needs a stable cash flow for it to remain afloat. And this is even more fundamental for a freelancer. Ensuring that you can seamlessly track income in and income out is very crucial for growth. Therefore, understanding how much your business as a freelancer you make either annually or in a certain period, are important. The finances you manage well will sustain you and the business. Everything you mismanage will only lead to failure.

When you can trace how you have earned throughout the year, then you can determine just what your limits are when it comes to expenses. The ability to trace these details means that cash out will not interfere with cash in. This kind of effective management of finances is the secret that many successful businessmen have mastered over the years. The truth is that even as a freelancer, your work will be meaningless if there is no stable flow of cash.

One way to determine whether you are managing your finances well is to have proper records of all your transactions. These records include payment records with every client you have had. A good way to keep payment records is to use illustration invoice template to request for payments. When you have proper records of your transactions then you will display transparency throughout your career. Having a clear record of transactions such as providing detailed invoices, can help clients trust you as a professional.

Illustration Invoice Template Sample
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4. Avoid falling victim to exploitation with the illustration invoice example

In the world of freelancing, it's easier to fall victim to exploitation. The number of people waiting to exploit you is more than you could ever imagine. You would almost think everybody is your enemy. And the truth is, if you don't handle your business in utmost professionalism, then you will suffer. Remember that freelance doesn't have job security, so you are the one to work smart. Don't fret! A solution for this is available but only if you're ready to start treating the illustration invoice as your ally. Making the illustration invoice template part and parcel of your every transaction, guarantees that you can avoid conflicts that can easily harm your business.

Some clients would demand more of you when it's clear that they are not willing to put their money where their mouth is. Stay away from such clients to protect your sanity. Avoiding them is an equally effective strategy for protecting your business and career from imminent collapse, which occurs when the exploitation continues.

One way to ensure that your clients respect you as a professional and avoid exploitation is by using invoices to request payment. When your client fully understands that you are knowledgeable in your field of expertise, the chances of exploitation becomes minimal. Being clear, professional and concise in your illustration invoice template displays you as an authority in the industry. In other words, respect is the only sure way to guarantee that your clients will pay as expected. Amongst the documents that protect your interest as a freelancer, the invoice is one of the most crucial. Take your time to give it your best, if you have to then use a template for a professional presentation.

Lastly, while sending in the illustration invoice example, ensure that you keep in mind the fact that professionalism begins with you. You have to take the lead in setting the standards of your client-freelance relationship. 

Don't leave loopholes in the invoice for troublesome clients to use against you. 

Give an elaborate breakdown of all the services you have offered, how much each cost and which of the services the client is paying for. 

Don't give loopholes in the invoice for troublesome clients to use against you. 

Give an elaborate breakdown of all the services you have offered, how much each costs and which of the services the client is paying for. The illustration invoice template makes it difficult for clients who usually look for issues to delay payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about this template.

How do I invoice for illustration?

You can invoice for illustration services by using Bonsai's template to add your company's information, your clients details, payment terms, scope of work, and the price you charge for the illustration.

How do I create an invoice template?

Simply create a free Bonsai account, customize our illustration invoice template with your client and your business information and send it off. There are alternative methods like Google Docs, excel, Canva and Indesign but Bonsai has more features.

What should be included in an illustration invoice template?

Bonsai's templates include the exact invoice number, the client's name and address, the invoice date, the client's work description, the client's payment details, and the cost or total cost of the services that must be paid.