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Illustration Invoice

What do you need to thrive as a freelance illustrator? Is it possible to eke a living using your drawing skills? Yes, you can do all that and more. However, you would need to put a few measures in place to make that goal achievable. The first measure is to show the whole world – mostly your prospective and existing clients – that you are a true professional. You can do that in many ways, including writing and sending an illustration invoice to all of them. That invoice is one of the most powerful tools in your freelancing career. Without it, you would struggle to monitor the work you have done and all pending payments.

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Below are some ways the illustration invoice can prove greatly useful to you.

1. Sell Your Work

It’s important to prove that you sell your work. Various documents are necessary for this kind of transaction to proceed. The documents prove your commitment to the craft and business. They prove that you take your skills – and all that they come with – seriously. Use this opportunity to put the different illustration techniques you have mastered over the years into good use. The figures and services on the invoice will keep improving with time. This will often be the result of the experienced you have gained and the time taken to boost your skills. The invoice will prove the fact that you’re better than you were a year or two ago.

2. Proof that You Value the Clients

The invoice offers enough proof of the value you attach to each client. Without these clients, your business would be dead. Make them your top priority. Consultancy is a highly competitive field. The consultant should be ready to surpass what every other consultant is offering. The emphasis should be on a freelancer-client relationship. Fortunately, the illustration invoice can help you with all that. Getting a client is never the main challenge. To most freelancers, the toughest job involves retaining each client. It’s possible to retain any of your clients as long as you treat them right. Use the invoice to establish that point to all of them.

3. Manage Finances Well

Use the illustration invoice as a tool – or document – for managing all your finances. The invoice helps you to know how much money has come into the business. It shows you how much work you have also spent. You need it to determine whether the business is making profits or losses. You may need an accounting software too. Consider investing in one if it will automate the financial management aspects of running your freelance business. At some point, especially as the business grows, you would be required to pay huge amounts in tax. It could be impossible to stay on top of all these payments and invoices without an accounting software.

The finances you manage well will sustain you and the business. Everything you mismanage will only lead to failure.

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4. Avoid Falling Victim to Exploitation

In the world of freelancing, it’s easier to fall victim to exploitation. The number of people waiting to exploit you is more than you could ever imagine. You would almost think everybody is your enemy. Don’t fret! A solution for this is available but only if you’re ready to start treating the illustration invoice as your ally. Some clients would demand more of you when it’s clear that they are not willing to put their money where their mouth is. Stay away from such clients to protect your own sanity. Avoiding them is an equally effective strategy for protecting your business and career from imminent collapse, which occurs when the exploitation continues.

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Illustration Invoice