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A freelancer's worse nightmare is that a client might take off with his money before paying. Nothing is as bad as not receiving payment for services rendered. A freelancer's time is crucial and probably his most crucial asset. He doesn't have the securities similar to the ones offered by people who work for large or small companies as fulltime employees. Nonetheless, a good freelancer should choose good freelancer payment methods. He should spend more time researching so that he's able to come up with the best choice.

Some of the most popular and trustworthy freelancer payment methods include:

  1. PayPal
  2. Escrow
  3. Electronic Funds Transfer
  4. Google Checkout / Google Wallet
  5. Moneybookers
  6. Western Union
  7. Cash Wire Transfer
  8. AlertPay
  9. MoneyGram
  10. Xoom

The choice of the best freelance payment method depends on two things. One, it depends on the type of business that you run. Two, it depends on your preferred way of conducting business. According to, invoicing the client properly, accurately and on time after submitting the work is the surest way of getting paid without any delays or hassle. Receiving money for work done is a good addiction. According to an article published on, one of the benefits of running a business is it allows you to grow rich or do well financially.

Freelancing work is fraught with dangers just like any other work. You're at risk of falling victim to fraudsters. You have to know how to identify fraudsters before wasting your time working for them only to end up without any pay. This is where your choice of the payment method helps you. Choose a reliable and trustworthy payment platform or portal. Secondly, avoid running away from freelancing sites that take a certain amount off your earnings, as this is crucial for securing your payment.

One of the best and most secure freelance payment methods is escrow. This method applies when dealing with fixed price contracts. After signing such a contract with your client, ask for funding on escrow. Insist on this for all milestone payments. This guarantees that you at least have something to show for all the work you have done. It reduces the risk of the client disappearing with the entire payment, thus leaving you with nothing but regrets. Escrow and its milestone payments is a worth a look.

Therefore, follow these tips in choosing the best freelancer payment methods.