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All freelancers have the solemn (if you can call it that) duty of improving how they pitch. One way of doing just that is through a freelance writing proposal template. After all, pitching is simply about sending a proposal to a client you wish to freelance for. How you pitch can determine whether you become a highly-sought after freelancer or not. The good news is that you can improve your skills exponentially. You can learn the art and science of pitching or sending out proposals that push you to the front of the queue.

How can the writing proposal template make you a highly sought-after freelancer?

Displays your preparedness

First, writing it well shows that you took time to prepare and research. Having a template does not mean you should use it for all your clients. No, what it means is that you have an example to copy or follow. The template is a guideline. The freelance writing proposal template shows you that there’s value in knowing your customer. It is hard to succeed as a freelancer (or an entrepreneur) if you know nothing about your customers. Once you know your customers well enough, you will be in a better position to know their exact buying habits, wants, and wishes.

Helps craft customized proposals

With the right information, you can craft a customized freelance writing proposal for each of your clients. The proposal has to be addressed to a specific person or office. Sending it to the wrong person or office would reflect badly on your professionalism as a freelancer. Many times, such mistakes disqualify you from applying or being considered eligible for the freelance project. Find information that shows you spent time researching the client and use it well, without appearing too creepy.

Creates perfect subject titles

As you will notice from the freelance writing proposal template, a solid and relevant subject line is crucial. The subject line should never be hazy or unclear. Optimizing the subject line is highly recommended. The subject is more important when sending an email. It determines whether the prospective client will open the email or not. Never forget to include a subject line. Make sure that you write the subject line first, before you proceed with the rest of the proposal. Other tips that can help you come up with an appropriate subject line include:

a)          Keeping it short

b)          Eliminating filler words

c)           Staying true to the subject matter

d)          Using logical keywords

e)          Personalize it

f)            Capitalize the words

g)          Make it relevant

Client’s perception

Imagining yourself in the client’s shoes is also critical to making yourself a highly sought-after freelancer. The proposal you write will show whether you have put yourself in your clients’ shoes or not. Clients do not need to know the entire history of your life. Do not forget that the client probably has many proposals to look at. Therefore, be as brief as you can be. Get straight to the point without wasting any more time. Some secrets to successful pitching that you may deduce from the freelance writing proposal template include the following:

§  The client is the focus of the proposal

§  Be steady, be ready, and pitch

§  Find a way of connecting with the client’s dream or vision

§  Mind your language

§  Find different ways of delivering your message

Therefore, use the tips published above to make yourself a freelancer that all clients want to hire. Study the freelance writing proposal template closely to see what you can include or apply in your proposal. A proposal is a document that you can use to pitch an idea or solution to your target clients. Use it well and see your freelance writing career growing in leaps and bounds. Not using the template well will damage your reputation, and only succeed in bringing you clients who are unwilling to pay the best.