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Freelance Writing Proposal

A freelance writing proposal is a powerful tool in the hand of a freelance writer, irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a renowned freelancer. It is a good thing to hone the necessary writing skills clients require, but you must be able to convince a client that you are the best person for their job. To do so, you must be able to write an extraordinarily convincing proposal to beat your competitors.

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The need for such a proposal cannot be overemphasized, especially because clients use the proposal to assess how well you can write. Many clients believe that if you are not able to convince them about their skills, you will not also be able to convince their audience or potential customers to take action with your content. That is why you must go the extra mile as regards your freelance writing proposal for your next work.

How to get a freelance writing proposal

There are two ways to get a writing proposal, and we have described both ways below.

1. Write it yourself from scratch

Writing proposals from scratch has long been the method to get one. It is a popular method but only recommended for veterans in the writing industry. Like we mentioned above, your proposal has to stand out if it must be noticed. The advantage of writing a proposal from scratch is that you will come up with a personalized proposal, which clients love.

However, this method takes so much time, especially as you write a fresh proposal for each job you apply to, and freelancers who submit their proposals first have higher chances of getting hired.

2. Use a proposal template

The use of freelance writing proposal templates is becoming more popular by the day. This increasing popularity is as a result of its benefits. The use of a template is highly encouraged for newbies who are just starting in the world of freelancing. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • It saves time
  • It saves effort
  • It increases the speed of submitting proposals and chances of being hired

While this method seems to be popular, freelancers must guide against submitting proposal templates as they are. You must learn to customize the freelance writing proposal to fit a job. More so, you might have to replace the client’s name as well as yours before submitting it. Note that it is good practice to proofread the proposal before submitting it.

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Top tips for a convincing freelance writing proposal

Following reviews, comments, and opinion votes online, we have collated the top tips for preparing a mind-blowing writing proposal. Some of these tips are highlighted below:

  • Make a strong entrance – How have you started your proposal? Have you included anything that will get clients' attention? You must be able to drive the point that you are different from other freelance consultants from the start of your proposal. Your client must believe that your proposal is distinct from the beginning.
  • Sell your strengths – You must learn to sell your strengths in your freelance writing proposal. Remember that this is one of the essences of conducting a SWOT analysis. You must find out your strength relating to writing and sell those to the clients.
  • Be very personal – A personalized proposal always captures the client’s attention. You do not have to send generic proposals, even if you are using a template. Learn to customize templates to capture the essence of the client’s job.
  • Anticipate and answer questions – Being able to predict certain questions clients might ask and to answer such questions in your proposal makes your proposal stand out.
  • Share your experiences – Make sure you talk about previous jobs you have handled that are similar to a client’s job.
  • Include links to previous works – You should try to include links to your portfolio so that clients can see your previous works.

There are many other tips that we have not included here, but the ones above are the top ones. Make sure you apply these tips when drafting your next proposal; it will make the difference.

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Freelance Writing Proposal

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Freelance Writing Proposal

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