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A freelancer's goal should be to find more work and build a solid reputation in the industry. His next goal should be to find ways of attracting better paying clients. To do this, the freelancer must come up with a plan for attracting high freelance writing payment, if he offers writing services.

There is a large number of clients out there looking for freelancers who are worth hiring. Such clients are willing to pay whatever it takes once they find the right freelancer for the job. Your task is to be work hard until you reach this level. Continue reading below to find some of the measures you ought to take.

1. Know the clients you want to work for

First, you must work hard at understanding the qualities that your ideal client must display. It's not wrong to have a list of your preferred type of client. This will help you to avoid falling into the traps of clients who are only out to exploit you and pay peanuts. Some clients may even refuse to pay you and take off after receiving the work.

2. Know your clients well

Next, it's good to know the clients you're dealing with. It's heinous to begin working with or doing some work for a client for whom you know zilch. You will only be setting yourself up for great disappointment. According to Forbes, you can't succeed in business without demonstrating a willingness to know your customers better.

3. Form and use a network

Third, you must have a network of people or fellow freelancers who can support your claims and help convince the client that you're worth paying top dollar. A good freelancer should not work in isolation. According to HigherEdJobs, nothing is as more powerful than having fellow professionals who are willing to speak on your behalf.

4. Avoid shortcuts

There is no shortcut to success in the freelancing world. Your ability to attract high-paying clients depends on the amount of work you're willing to do. Therefore, find time to do your homework thoroughly. The Internet is your biggest resource tool. Therefore, use it to learn as much as possible about the high-paying clients you wish to attract.

Lastly, submit your bids. According to, the first point of contact with the customer is the most important. Therefore, contact the customers you wish to work for. Take the initiative. Be in control over this narrative. You never know what the first point of contact could do for your freelancing business. It could literally send your freelancing career soaring high.