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The biggest challenge in freelancing is finding work consistently. According to Job-Hunt, searching for work is an arduous task for any person who isn't employed. This holds true in the world of freelancing where you're in charge of the business. In fact, freelancing is more of owning and running a business than being employed. Owning and running a business requires you to know how to market it and operate professionally to attract more work. This is where the freelance work invoice can be of great help to you.

Great for customer retention
Finding work is one thing; ensuring that the customer who gave you work in the first place keeps returning with more is a different matter altogether. One way of retaining the customers, thus overcoming the biggest challenge in freelancing, is to be honest. You demonstrate your honesty in many ways, including what you itemize in the freelance work invoice. Running a business requires you to be honest and full of integrity. According to, integrity simply refers to the habit of doing what is right in a reliable manner.

Good business practice
A person who wants to be successful has to form a habit of embracing good business practices. This is essential in the freelancing circles. Nothing shows you're honest more than the invoice. After all, money is the determinant of a person's actual honesty. Financial honesty could win you more work or send your current pool of customers away and into your competitors' arms. The invoice is an accounting resource. Some of the information you need in bookkeeping is found on the invoice. This makes the invoice a crucial tool in financial honesty.

Convinces clients to increase workload
When clients know that you're reliable, honest and believe in conducting your business with integrity, they will bring in more work. According to Stanford Graduate School of Business, integrity and honesty are two of the 10 most important values a modern business that wants to be successful must embrace. Obviously, a freelancer is interested in turning his career around and making it as successful as possible. This is an achievable goal, but only for a freelancer who has no problem displaying high levels of honesty and integrity in his financial dealings.

Therefore, stop treating the freelance work invoice lightly. The invoice shows your clients the kind of freelancer that you are. They learn more about your financial honesty based on the items and figures you enter on the invoice. Never forget that the invoice markets you. The invoice doesn't merely remind your clients that they owe you. It also tells your clients more about you. It is a library of information. The invoice is like a book that talks about you. Make it a book that your clients find pleasurable and insightful to read.