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Freelance Work Invoice

Finance is one of the crucial aspects of a business. To succeed as a freelancer or individual consultant, you need to be paid for your work. Besides, you want to do your best to make clients happy about your services to keep them coming back, and that makes room for fast payment as well. 

While charging for services rendered is essential, you must employ a reliable invoicing system to track and monitor your due payments. If you have a large client base requiring you to send multiple invoices, manual entering of data and repetitive invoicing may become boring and tedious; hence the need for a freelance work invoice that you can customize to meet your needs.

Such a template gives you room to add your logo, name, address, and other needed details. If you are still in doubt about how a modern invoice looks like, see the features of your ideal invoice template.

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Here’s what your freelance work invoice should include

  • A professional header - Your business name or full name should start your invoice; it should be in a professional and easy-to-read font. Add your logo if you have, and if you don’t, it's okay. Just ensure your business name appears in a bigger font than other texts.
  • Contact Info - Your freelance work invoice should carry your contact information. At least, it should include your phone number, email address, mailing address, and your website right under your business name.
  • Client info -The document should specify the recipient of the invoice — the name of recipient or company, email address, phone number, and website. You may also add other info that would help track the invoice.
  • Invoice number- Add an invoice number after your contact information. An invoice number helps you track the invoice. Choose any numbering system, but ensure it is sequential. For instance, if your first invoice is A1001, the next should be A1002, even if it is for a different client.
  • Date - Your freelance work invoice should have the date it was prepared and sent to your client. A freelancer might need to refer to this date if the client takes too long to respond. Also, the due date must be stated if you don't want a delay in payment. Some consultants use 30 days, 45 or 60, as the timeline. Invoicing a client immediately after completing a project is a healthy practice.
  • Payment terms & options -  Specify your payment option or as agreed between you and your client. Add your preferred payment details like Paypal email address or Payooner address to the invoice. Besides, your freelance work invoice should have a break down of the service and charges for each plus the total amount due.
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Types of freelancer work invoices

Freelancers carry out different services for their clients, and depending on the service you offer; there's an invoice that captures your business and provides the best way for you to get paid.

  • Standard Invoice - This is the regular invoice that bills you’re a client for services performed by a freelancer.
  • Recurring Invoice - This type of freelance work invoice is employed in billing a client regularly. It is usually for predefined monthly subscriptions or services.
  • Prepayment Invoice - it is an invoice sent to collect deposits for service as a portion of the total amount owed.
  • Credit Invoice - You send this invoice when you offer a refund to your client.
  • Mixed Invoice - It carries both credit and the charges made to the account of your client.
  • Time-based Invoice - Freelancers that charge hourly use this invoice to bill their clients.

Final words

Freelancers need to be professional about all aspects of their services if they must gain the trust of their clients, and that includes invoicing. Ensure that your freelance work invoice is simple, detailed, and precise. Nobody likes paying bills, keep your payment terms simple, and help your clients understand your invoice to enhance fast payment. 

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Freelance Work Invoice

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Freelance Work Invoice

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