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Freelance Retainer Contract

It's almost sacrilegious for you to embark on any freelance work without a valid contract. This shows a lack of respect to people who work in the same career. Signing a freelance retainer contract is mandatory before you begin any work. However, signing a contract is not helpful if you fail to do it in a way that makes it enforceable, according to an attorney at law known as Michael J. Hamblin. One way of making the contract enforceable is by inserting the right clauses.

Here are the 3 most important clauses that must be in any contract you wish to sign:

Pricing and rates

Making your rates clear is one way of guaranteeing sustainability in the freelance services that you provide. Pricing or rates must be clear to the client from the beginning of any negotiations that you have with him. Write the rates or pricing down on the contract. Let the client know whether your charges are per hour or based on complete projects. Find ways of agreeing with your client how to charge the rates. This is great at avoiding any source of misunderstandings and disputes that arise later, according to Legal Resources.

Payment and invoicing

The fact that you have signed a retainer contract with your client doesn't make it alright not to ask for payments or send invoices when they are due. The only problem would be when you ask for payment or send invoices when the contract the two of you signed lacks supporting clauses. For this reason, you should insist on inserting this clause to protect your interests. The clause should clearly state what you expect from the client in terms of retainers and the date for paying the remainder. The contract should show the number of installments the client should make.

Single point of contact

If you ever wonder whether a clause in your freelance retainer contract could save your life, this would be it. This is crucial when dealing with a large organization where you're likely to receive feedback from more than one person. Receiving feedback from more than one person has its pros and cons. For example, it ensures you continue communicating even when one person is not at work for whatever reason. Nevertheless, it may create plenty of confusion, particularly if you receive contradictory reports. According to Business Dictionary, a single point of contact can be:

  • Communications office
  • Phone number
  • Website

Therefore, insert these clauses when signing a freelance retainer contract.

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