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Your ability to get clients often depends on how convincing you are. You need to convince your clients as to buy what you’re selling or offering. Clients must find your pitch convincing and irresistible to buy from you. Freelancers must develop strategies that highlight their strengths more than weaknesses when applying for any work from clients. The good news is that the freelance proposal template shows freelancers how to do just that.

Here are a few tips you can glean from freelance proposal template to sell your strengths.

Identifying the Most Attractive Abilities

Identify the most attractive abilities that you possess. Highlight these abilities to your clients. Let them scream from the proposal so they are easy to see. You have to practice repeatedly so that you can proclaim these abilities and strengths without struggling. However, remember to highlight the strengths that clients need for specific projects. All projects do not require the same or similar strengths and abilities.

Below are two examples of how to sell your freelancing strengths.

If you specialize in designing logos for a living, the strengths you have to highlight are your creative skills. Do not let the client be in doubt regarding your ability to design astonishing logos. In fact, find a few of the previous logos you designed and send them to the client with the proposal. If a client needs a specialist in writing highly technical neuroscience papers, you should highlight the university degrees you obtained in this particular field.

The freelance proposal template can teach you to do a SWOT analysis. SWOT is a useful formula for evaluating the strengths worth shouting to the client about from the rooftop. Use it to assess yourself, your resources and the surroundings. Perform the analysis before you get any client. Have the results of the analysis ready at all times. You never know how quickly a client might require you to write and submit a freelancing proposal.

Spend as much time as you can to discover your strengths. Know what you’re good at.

You can discover your strengths in other ways too. These include:

a)          Taking note of things and activities that excite you the most

b)          Breaking away from the limitations of job titles

c)           Taking note of activities that you handle differently from everybody else

d)          Not struggling to find creative ways to describe your strengths

Preparing for Interview with Client

A freelancing proposal template prepares you for the interview you’re about to have with a prospective client. You cannot go for any interview without a list of your core competencies. Core competencies include your skills, abilities, and personal qualities. Know what you are good at to stand a better chance of impressing the client. At times, you may also have to let the client know that you’re willing to go beyond what you’re good at and take a risk.

Anticipating Needs

As you will see on the sample appearing on the freelance proposal template, it’s important for freelancers to anticipate needs. Anticipating needs is one way of showing your readiness to go beyond the call of duty. When clients ask you to do something only to hear that you had already embarked on it, they will remember that and stick with you the rest of the way. They will not struggle to hire you the next time they need a freelancer for any project.

Therefore, read, study and learn from the freelance proposal template. Use it to market your strengths. Use it to learn how to point the client at what you’re capable of doing better than anybody else. Use the template to learn how to frame your ideas better before presenting them to your clients. Use the template to improve and take your freelance proposal-writing skills to the next level.