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The generation that was born before the 1950s probably believed that happiness at the workplace was not mandatory to enjoy what one was doing. Today’s generation is a bit different. This generation believes that workplace happiness is central to job enjoyment and increased productivity. There is enough research that supports this claim. A freelancer isn’t immune to the need for and importance of happiness. Luckily, a good and well written freelance proposal letter is capable of making any freelancer a happy person.

So, how does the proposal letter help a freelancer to find happiness at work?

Helps you to work smarter and harder

First, it’s worth mentioning that happy freelancers engage with colleagues, clients, and their jobs better. They enjoy everything they do. They work smarter and harder. It is easy for freelancers to be committed to their work if they are happy and enjoy everything they do. Unhappy ones, on the other hand, are capable of sabotaging freelance projects. They are also capable of backstabbing their colleagues and preparing poorly written freelance proposal letter. Often, the unhappy freelancers wreak havoc at their workplaces, which ends up turning clients away.

Enables you enjoy reporting to work

A freelancer who prepares an excellent freelance proposal letter enjoys going to work. This is quite different from the global numbers showing only 13% of workers enjoying leaving home for work. Happiness at work is a sign of emotional investment and engagement with the work you do. A freelancer who is self-employed or working as an independent contractor will never hesitate to do the best when happy at work. Freelancers who are not emotionally invested at work will often just go through the motions.

Helps you to engage fully at work

The freelance proposal letter indicates how you plan to approach any freelancing project or job. For some freelancers, work is something to be approached as nothing more than a source for raising funds to buy or pay for stuff. It’s normal to find freelancers who believe that work is not a leisurely activity. To such freelancers, the best approach is often to never engage fully in their work. But, as many freelancers have been discovering, freelancing work is worth enjoying. The proposal letter freelancers write indicates the mindset they have regarding their work.

Helps you to develop the right attitude

The wrong attitude at work often trickles into other areas of life, as many freelancers only know too well. Being fully engaged at work is now crucial to the freelancer’s productivity. The freelancing work, just like any other, provides the structure, routine, and self-worth you need. It is important for freelancers to find work they are happy doing. Otherwise, their unhappiness will be reflected by the quality of work that they do for their clients. Freelancers have more personal control over their work compared to people working in the 9-5pm jobs.

Creates opportunity for spending more time with loved ones

One thing that freelance work offers that the 9-5pm jobs don’t is the chance to work on your relationships and friendships. Freelancers are in control of their schedules. Therefore, they can work for as long as they want, or not. They have more opportunities to be with their friends and family. Research shows that spending more time next to family or friends will often make you a happy person. In fact, researchers believe they have identified the secret of happiness. According to them, the secret is;

a)          friends

b)          family

c)           environment

Therefore, pay more attention to the freelance proposal letter. That proposal determines how much happiness will be in your life going forward, especially as you begin working on the upcoming project. Be happy in your freelancing work. Enjoy working for the freelancing clients that you get. Show your happiness by writing the best proposal that indicates your mental attitude and fortitude. Let the proposal indicate your preparedness to serve your existing and prospective clients to the best of your abilities.