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It's normal to find more people going into the freelancing industry. Working as a freelancer has many benefits. First, it satisfies your creative impulses. It gives you an opportunity to make some extra income. It also opens your eyes to new career opportunities. Furthermore, it allows you to pick and go on holidays at will while working from home. Nonetheless, it would be hard for you to enjoy these benefits if you don't find ways of protecting your freelance payment portal login details. Your ability to make more money hinges on how you protect the login details.

It secures your money
The payment login details are only good if you use them on secure connections and encrypted database. Using such details on shared computers is a huge risk, according to ABC News. There's nothing wrong with sharing computers, laptops and tables or smartphones with friends and relatives. What's wrong is failure to protect your login details, especially the ones you use on your freelance payment portal. Such recklessness on your part could lead to a collapse of the freelancing career particularly when somebody uses the login details to steal your money.

You may also set the computer or laptop to remember all your login details. It's true that a freelancer has various online accounts. Remembering the login details on all these accounts can be quite a challenge. In many cases, freelancers have more than one payment portal through which they receive payments from clients. It's equally hard for them to recall the login details for all these portals. According to the Washington Post, you can create numerous login details and keep track of all of them without going insane by taking the following measures:

  1. Writing them down
  2. Log in through your social media account
  3. Resetting the password periodically
  4. Investing in password managers
  5. Isolating your personal information

Effective when used on the same computer
It's OK to save your freelance payment portal login details in the appropriate websites that you use for receiving payment. There's nothing wrong with taking such measures but only if you use the same computer or laptop for all your freelance-related work, according to Which site. However, ascertain that nobody else uses the same computer before commanding it to save your payment portal login details. If you use a public PC for your freelance work, you should check the box marked. Always ask for my email address and passwords every single time.
Therefore, follow this guideline to protect your freelance payment portal details.