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There's a massive demand for freelancers to design mobile apps and websites. This is need is due to massive amount of traffic shifting to mobile, with as many as 5.2 billion people using mobile phones in 2014.

People spend an average of 3 hours on their phone each day, more than on TV! 64% of American adults now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in the spring of 2011. This number increases to almost 90% when you consider Generation Y.

This fast growing field leaves many companies without the in-house expertise to design their own mobile products. This forces them to turn to freelancers for contract work. Because companies lack a lot of this mobile design expertise, freelancers can get involved at many stages of the process, from doing user research and product management to information architecture to user interface and experience design (UI / UX design) to actual visual and product design.

Because freelancers can be involved at so many different points of the process, one very important thing to do is be very clear upfront with what you'll do, and that you'll charge for additional work beyond the scope of your contract. Setting clear expectations for your freelance mobile design work is critical to maintaining a good relationship with your client and ensuring you get paid. The other terms you should be very clear about in your mobile design contract are exactly when and how you'll be paid for your mobile design work.

If you require an app rather than a mobile website, we also provide contracts for iOS app and Android app design.