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Have you ever sent a cold email pitch to one of the clients you wish to do some freelance job for? Well, sending cold email pitch requires a bit of skill. It’s not as annoying as others might tell you. It’s a tried and tested tactic that helps you to generate new leads for your business all the time. Your skills at writing and sending email pitches that produce great results depends on many factors. One of these is what you learn from freelance job proposal sample.

So, what can you learn from the freelance job proposal sample to aid your cold email pitching?

Clarifying Abilities, Strengths, Skills and Experience

First, you can learn to be clear with your abilities, strengths, skills and experience. Yes, there is nothing wrong in praising yourself. There’s nothing wrong in telling the prospective client about what you’re good at. In the freelancing industry, nobody can do a perfect job of praising you more than yourself. In fact, the email you send should show your pride at the experience you gained working for a big client.

Clarifying Who You Are

Secondly, the sample will also highlight the importance of clarifying who you are. Yes, it’s important for the client not to be in doubt regarding your identity. Your role, services, and products or services you wish to render should be clearly captured in the email. Also, tied in closely with this is the need for identifying the recipient. Ask around in case you don’t know the person to send the email to.

Avoiding Spam

Clients never get the chance to open many emails for one simple reason; spam. Through the freelance job proposal sample, you can learn to avoid writing spammy emails. For example, you will not see the subject line on the sample written in all caps. Normally, emails that come with all caps subject lines scare the reader or client. Also, all caps have a
different meaning than what you’re trying to communicate. What they relay is that you’re shouting. Clients don’t love that.

Importance of Introduction and an Overview

As you will also see on the proposal sample, a simple introduction is highly recommended. The introduction should be clear and easy to understand. You do not want the prospective clients shunting the email aside on the grounds that they are unable to make heads or tails of what you’re trying to say. The introduction should also highlight the benefits the clients are guaranteed to get from hiring you.

For example, an email on redesigning websites should have an overview that focuses on:

  • increasing sales
  • improving engagements
  • boosting conversions

Importance of In-Depth Research

It’s important to do as much research as you can on the client. The email should show that you know the client well enough. For example, your email to a client who specializes in electronics should not sound as if it’s designed for one running a bookstore. Skimping on the homework will never win you any points. Therefore, make sure that the email has all the right information before penning it. Again, learn this from the freelance job proposal sample.

Lastly, use the pitch you make through the cold email to lay the foundation blocks for building a relationship with the client. Whether you’re running an offline or online business as a freelancer, you cannot afford to ignore the freelancer-client relationship. You can learn this by observing the language used in the freelance job proposal sample. A bit of courtesy goes a long way in determining the kind of relationship you will have with each prospective client you email.

Therefore, use the freelance job proposal sample to polish your cold email pitching skills.