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The iOS App Store is one of the greatest inventions by Apple ever. Containing over one million apps as of 2013, which translated into a $13-billion-marketplace for developers, it should not come as a surprise that iPhone app development is one of the most in-demand jobs in the mobile tech industry. Of all app categories, the game category tops the list of having the greatest number of apps and downloads. Games are followed by lifestyle, entertainment, education, and business categories, according to a report conducted by in 2014.

With this opportunity, you and your clients can easily find a category to specialize in to achieve a lucrative career in freelance iPhone app development. However, being a 13 billion dollar industry, mobile app development is not cheap. Buyers won't waste their time with freelancers that don't display a professionalism, the right skill set, and industry experience. You can only highlight these qualities professionally by preparing a freelance iPhone app development contract.

A contract is also crucial to protecting yourself from unscrupulous clients who might want to take advantage of your work in bad faith. With a development contract, you will be able to outline the scope of the project, your approach to the job, how much should the client pay for it, reasonable timeframe, and other terms & conditions that could protect your best interest. You must have this contract signed by the client or the other party to make things official. So if the client had breached the contract, you might be able to save yourself from the legal implications that may come with it and make the client be fully responsible for the damages done to your business.

As a freelancer, you will likely work remotely, which makes signing contracts all the more important before closing a deal with a client. Preparing your own contract doesn't have to be a rigorous job though, because Bonsai have already made it easy for you.

We also offer contracts for freelance Android app design as well as a more generic freelance mobile design.