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With millions of iPhones sold worldwide, Apple is a major actor in the cell phone market. The widespread use of smartphones and tablets represents a great opportunity for all professionals with app design or development skills. If you are a good iPhone app designer, then you may be interested in working for your clients on your own. In this case, you shall consider to draw up a freelance iPhone app design contract, which allowes you to do your work without any worries.

Due to the exponential growth in the number of smartphones which are sold everyday, working as a freelance app designer is the right choice for all who wish to take advantage of their creativity in a constantly growing industry. Just think that the iPhone 6 was launched at the end of 2014, and during the Christmas quarter the number of sold units reached 74.4 million.

A positive signal for freelance app designers is also the number of mobile apps that you can find on the marketplaces. The Apple Store currently has around 1.4 million iOS apps available for download, which means that users can find almost anything they need, from mobile games to useful tools for working.

Before you start working for your clients, make sure you draw up a freelance iPhone app design contract. A regular contract will allow you to work on your project without losing your piece of mind. A written agreement is fundamental for your activity, and must clearly indicate any right and obligation of the parties. It must state, for example, what kind of work you will have to do and the deadline. If you charge any additional work, make sure you include a specific clause. And don't forget to determine the payment method and the amount, in addition to the ownership of intellectual property once you have been paid.