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The world is changing. The changes have affected several aspects of life, including running businesses. Today, it's normal to see a freelancer sending freelance invoice in the UK via the Internet. This is because paper invoices are not in vogue like they were some years ago. The Internet is full of various tools that a freelancer can use not only to prepare but also send invoices to clients. Some of these tools cost nothing to use. Other tools require some financial investment from the freelancer. Nonetheless, sending invoices online has its pros and cons.

More companies/clients have embraced it

Paper invoices are still in use today, according to Traxpay, despite the world having gone digital. Admittedly, e-invoicing is creating a wave around the world. The wave appears to be on an unstoppable trajectory of  growth and increased popularity more than ever before. However, it's impossible to deny the fact that more companies are opting for e-invoicing over the traditional invoices. This is because of many reasons. The convenience associated with sending invoices online has convinced more freelancers to embrace this method and abandon paper invoices.

Gives the freelancer more control

Using the Internet to send freelance invoice UK to your clients gives you more control over your finances. This is because you can pay all bills in one sitting. The online approach allows you to pay all last-minute bills on time, thus avoiding some hefty fines that would have eaten into your finances. E-invoicing saves companies and individuals from mailing checks and spending money on stamps or envelops too. Furthermore, e-invoicing allows users to monitor all the banking activities properly.

Has pre-set reminders

E-invoicing is popular because of the email reminders they send out to users. The reminders help users to avoid forgetting that the next batch of invoices needs to be sent out to clients. More importantly, the online approach is great for your customers. It reminds you to remind the clients so they avoid paying late payment fees and other penalties. According to the Freelancer's Union, charging late fees is one of the most effective ways of deterring late payments. For this to work, you have to indicate it clearly on the invoice.

Share more with traditional invoices

All online invoices must have similar features to the traditional ones. For example, they must indicate the date you expect the customer to clear his payments. You're free to choose how much time to give each client. You can select 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. You may also give the client 15 days. Alternatively, you can also let the client know that payments are due on demand. While at it, don't forget to let the customer know the payment options. Some of the most common payment options include checks and cash. E-invoicing has several payment options.

Delivers invoices securely and instantly

Online invoicing ensures the instant and secure delivery of all invoices all the time. It eliminates the time you used to waste waiting for invoices to go out with regular mails. It eliminates the time and effort wasted waiting for checks from the postman. Today, you can deliver electronic invoices online directly into the client's email inbox. Technological advances have ensured that the process can be as secure as possible. The process is also quite fast, which is essential in the world of freelancing.

Lastly, using the Internet for sending freelance invoice UK reduces the time you spend processing invoices. It's a cost effective method too. What's more, it is easier to store soft copies of the invoices. You need too much space to store hard copies of paper invoices. Telling your customers that you now provide or send e-invoices is a great way letting them know that you think about them only. E-invoicing is a seamless as well as enjoyable and convenient way of sending out invoices to clients located all over the world.