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Regardless of the line of work you belong to or the experience you have amassed, freelancing is always a risky method to earn money . You are susceptible to horrors such as being stuck with ridiculously non professional clients, overworked for no reason at all and in the worst case, payment problems.

Freelancing, however, has continued to emerge in the markets. Just take a look at this report by Upwork to get an idea of the magnitude of this growth. The reason is that scams cannot stop people from following their passions and working. With an increase in online freelance scams, awareness and protection methods against these things have also increased that allow such growth rates.

Freelancers are highly encouraged to adopt such measures to avoid getting exploited. That is why Bonsai is committed to letting professionals keep themselves safe from fraud and provides an excellent service regarding documentation and paperwork that safeguard your rights.

With Bonsai's Word templates, you can decrease your chances of getting played significantly. We understand that a client not paying you for working hard is stressful and infuriating, so we advise you to start using invoices. Invoicing helps you get timely payments, remind your clients politely that they cannot mess with you and at the same time, build up professionalism and bring integrity to your profile.

The first thing about invoices is that they precisely sum up all the payables along with their individual details (quantity, quality, seller etc). You practically make a list of each thing you are charging for freelance services. You also should include the other payables such as taxes and third-party commissions, if any.

Your company/freelance policy should also be adequately conveyed. This part is relevant to the above discussion since you can tell your client what would happen if they do not pay. This is a professional business practice that is well-supported due to its affectability. You may like to consider including things such as payment deadlines, late payment penalties and right to legal action.

These were the two main components that make up an invoice. Besides, here is a comprehensive list of what else should be there,

1. Yours and the client's business credentials

2. Invoice reference numbers

3. A short but polite copy as business courtesy

Now the only thing remaining is a word template to make your invoice; and Bonsai is here to help you out with that. With us, you can get yourself an amazing invoice template in Word that you can use in freelancing.