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An Excel based invoice template comes out as an economical solution for independent contractors. Freelancers require invoices that exhibit professionalism while remaining easy to use. There are numerous types to choose from including a freelance invoice template, UK edition.

A good invoice template is one with wide compatibility with most spreadsheet programs. These include OpenOffice, every Excel version, and Google spreadsheets. According to this article, the Google sheets service invoice form, based on original Excel spreadsheets is the most popular template in google gallery.


Spreadsheet based invoices represent simple invoice systems for independent contractors. It allows hour or item based billing. A tax column allows you to discern easily whether line items require sales tax provisions or not. As such, you may include charges for services rendered to residents of the United Kingdom. This also applies to independent contractors currently resident in the UK.

Invoice Management

Unless your clients require you to make and send numerous invoices each month, you do not actually need complicated or expensive software. As stated in this article, you can obtain help in keeping track of invoices. It gives insights into fundamental file management methods for managing excel based invoices.

If you require forms of pre-printed invoices to use as pink-yellow carbon less forms, templates are available for this. They also enable customization of invoices with your company information, logo, and terms and conditions. Results created may then go to a printer.

MS Word Based Invoice Templates

Should you decide to opt for Microsoft Word based templates certain issues require consideration. First is that invoice preparation requires making calculations. Such functions are weak in Microsoft Word. As such, using forms created in this word processor will require you to figure out totals with a calculator. However, if all your need is creating blank invoice forms for printing, Word based templates are apt for this.

Other Freelance Invoice Templates

As an independent contractor working for United Kingdom clients, you have several sources of templates to pick from. According to this site, there are numerous free invoice templates available for downloading. You will require is to have a current Excel version on your computer. This way, a great solution becomes available for general invoices anyone in your company or your client may open with ease.

You may also visit Google Docs gallery to download the latest invoice templates. Current versions allow you to produce billing information that conform to current regulations and legislation operating in the UK.