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LATE PAYMENTS! We are pretty sure that your blood started to boil after reading this dreadful bit, especially when you are here looking for solutions to your freelance payment issues. Well, first off we're sorry for having upset your whole mood, but we wanted to make a point. And that is that you can avoid all this rage and agitation by making invoicing a habit in your dealings. Freelancing has many benefits over formal employment, make getting paid easily one of them.

So you can cool off now. Take a few deep breaths and read the following guidelines to make a smashing PDF invoice template for you and forget getting angry again.

Include details

When customizing your PDF template, make provisions for all possible details that could go there. These may include basic service charges for your own services, any costs that you might have incurred in the course of the project, third part charges if there have been any and for discounts as well. Clients like to know about details of the payments they have to make. However, avoid condensing it too much, lest your client may get confused.

Mention preferences

As a freelancer, you certainly would have some preferred payment methods that are most convenient for you. Do not hesitate to direct your client to use those. Make the best out of your contracts.

Be creative

You can use your imagination here. You see, PDF invoice templates have many advantages. One of them is that you can bring in graphics like logos and letter heads. You can advertise your freelancer profile. Bonsai�s templates have a lot of customizable features so you can invoice your clients the way you want to.

Finally, some important tips on how to invoice clients.

Be fast

PDF templates mean you can quickly make proper invoices and send them over the internet. Make sure to do that as soon as possible. The best time is to email your invoice just after submitting the final project when the memory of your project is still fresh.

Keep your cool

As Julie puts it, leaving out your emotions, not being aggressive and empathizing with your clients are effective ways to getting paid after sending an invoice. Take care to keep a balance between being demanding and ignorant.

So cheers! You can now go ahead and search through our numerous PDF invoice templates for a better freelance experience.