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Freelance Invoice Template (PDF)

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Freelance Invoice Template (PDF)

Freelancers have the liberty to choose their work, time to work, and the fees to collect for their jobs. But when it comes to payment, some freelancers and consultants often encounter challenges. Among other steps, using a professional invoicing system can be of help in getting timely payment from clients.

As an independent consultant, a freelance invoice template PDF is needful in requesting payment from your clients and in enhancing consistent positive responses. Since every business is unique, your business invoice should speak your brand and represent you well professionally.

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How to customize the freelance invoice template (PDF)

Most businesses have billing statements and invoices, which they employ to bring professionalism to their companies. As a freelancer, you can have yours too. You don't have to be limited because you work for yourself.

You don't have to craft an invoice if you are yet to get one; you may download a freelance invoice template PDF to give you the needed guidance. Better still, if you must draft a unique freelance invoice, we have detailed information on the relevant items to be included in your ideal billing document.

Follow the guide below on how to use a freelance invoice template PDF:

  1. Download a template or start drafting your unique invoice
  2. Add your name and contact information- email address, mailing address, phone number, and website.
  3. Client information same as above
  4. Choose a preferred invoice number to track your billing documents
  5. Include the date of issuance and the due date for payment
  6. Add the job code or number if available
  7. Describe the job you have performed
  8. Outlines the services against fees charged
  9. Include the hourly charge for each service and sum the charges to get the total amount due
  10. Add a line for discount (1-2%) for early payment (optional)
  11. Payment terms and conditions- a penalty for late payment, etc
  12. Preferred currency if sending internationally
  13. Add a line for a personalized note to thank your client (optional)
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Using a freelancing invoice template (PDF) like a pro

Freelancers' invoice can take any form given the nature of the service performed. Some projects are billed per-hour while others take a flat rate. Irrespective of the nature of work, a freelance invoice template PDF should be flexible to accommodate the billing method of a project.

For complicated projects like research or web development, it is crucial to note this consideration in customizing a freelance invoice template. Invoicing like professional make companies see that you are competent and may enhance effective and efficient payment from them. See these tips for better invoicing.

  • Avoid complications- Some times, services offered may involve some complications. A clear and concise explanation would be fine for the recipient. Let them know the services you rendered and the billing accordingly.
  • Keep things simple- shorten payment terms in such a way that won't confuse your client. If the service offered is more than one, consider adding a table in your freelance invoice template PDF. No one has the time to be studying your invoice before approving payment. 
  • Be flexible- You should be flexible in your invoice as a freelancer because the nature of your job demands it. Since you are answerable to no one, personalize your freelance invoice template PDF, which may help in fostering a long-lasting relationship with your client. In case you have a delay in payment after clients receive your invoice, it is advisable to exercise some patience, especially if the client has a good record with you.


As a freelancer, every job you complete counts likewise payment. More often than not, you may not be paid until you send an invoice. It would be helpful if you have a freelance invoice template PDF to call upon whenever you need to invoice a client. You save time with an editable template than drafting a new billing document each time you need to send one.

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Freelance Invoice Template (PDF)

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Freelance Invoice Template (PDF)

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