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Freelancing has certainly taken the whole corporate world by storm. The numbers of freelancers and freelance jobs have shown surprising growth rates which promise good careers to many. However, like everything, pros and cons go side by side. You always have to be careful when dealing to avoid freelancing problems by planning ahead. As Dave puts it, a problem in freelance always means you are missing a system that prevents it

All you need to do is to be aware of all these systems. One such system you always would want to have in place is the use of invoice templates. Invoice templates in Excel can not only be resourceful and time saving, they definitely are the system for avoiding payment problems. Follow these guidelines by Bonsai and forget about not getting paid. Avoid confusionBe simple and concise when listing down all costs and charges for faster response from clients. Many freelancers agree that the higher an invoice's readability, the better are your chances of not facing questions about the bill. Enforce your policiesThe important bit. Include all payment policies in invoices to formally inform them of their obligations. 

This way you can always take action if things go wrong. Common policies include defining payment due dates, late fee policies and penalties for not complying. 

Use e-mail for invoicingWe know, it's obvious considering you are a freelancer but some still use traditional paper invoices that slow you down. E-invoicing has benefits that you cannot think of. First, it's faster.  The sooner you bill your client the better are the chances of getting paid quickly. Then it also solves your cash flow problems to a great extent by keeping a steady amount of cash coming in. And finally, believe it or not, it is considered to be a good business practice and can positively affect your repute. Do not forget it's ExcelYou have to seize every opportunity in order to stand out among other freelancers. So Bonsai suggests you make full use of Excel invoice templates. Don't just make an invoice, but use the customizability that Excel offers. Include your business logo, promotional content, design an appealing layout and also use advance features and Excel formulas to add professionalism. Now all that is left is to surf through our freelance Excel invoice templates and decide upon one, and start invoicing your clients