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Throughout the years, the freelance community has undoubtedly prospered, regardless of the locations and lines of the workers. This is down to the variety of jobs available , which accommodate every profession. There are, however, some hurdles for the freelancers too. A major obstacle in this field is the late payment or sometimes even non-payment to the worker by the client. This aspect needs to be taken care of by the freelance workers more than any other.

Among other solutions to the payment problem , workers can also take legal action against the client if there is an unnecessary delay in payment. But due to there being no law in place which safeguards the rights of freelancers in particular , the workers can be dragged to lengthy legal procedures which would only make matters worse for both parties, and would result in further financial losses for the workers.

One of the main reasons for such delays in payment is often that the agreements between clients and freelance workers are made without going into minute details of the billing. This might lead the client to think that delaying the payment would not be of any problem for the worker. To make sure this problem does not arise, the worker should put forward the details of his demands in an ordered way. This is exactly where Bonsai can help the freelancers. By downloading and using our Freelance Invoice Template, you can put forward your demands to your clients and show that you mean serious business.

It is of great importance for the worker to present the payment details to the clients through an invoice. Being convenient for both the freelance worker and the client, invoicing authenticates the payment demands and the client can go through every detail of billing and can confirm that worker's demands are legit. Invoice consists of a unique Invoice number, names and contact details of client and worker, details such as hourly charges, number of hours worked, total charges, payment schedule, all in an organized way.

Knowing the details to be put in, all you have to do is download our Freelance Invoice Template. Choosing Bonsai will definitely be a worthy decision as our downloadable Invoice Templates offer a unique way of laying out your payment demands. So hurry up and download our Freelance Invoice Template.