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Irrespective of the exact nature of freelancing services you provide, you're most likely to struggle with the financial sides of operating such a business. Handling finances properly is mandatory if you're to run your business successfully. Preparing and sending invoices to clients is one financial side of the business you must handle well. You can learn to do that by observing what is in any freelance invoice sample.
What can you learn from the sample?

Determining Business Policies
If your business operates in an ideal world, clients would settle the invoices on time. The truth is that you have to get used to receiving late payments. Sometimes, you might have to deal with clients who end up not paying at all despite receiving all services. Therefore, you need to be ready for any eventuality with the right company or business policies, which you can learn and copy from a good freelance invoice sample. Share the policies with your clients beforehand.

Be Wary of Surprises
Inform clients of your business policies. Inform them of your payment and invoicing policies too. Clients should know when to expect payments from you. Don't include any item or charge on the invoice that leaves clients dumbfounded. The amount due, payment terms and hourly fees should be items the client know in advance. According to Simon Speirs of The Accounting minute, one should be able to scan the invoice very fast. The purpose of the invoice should also be clear to your clients early before they receive it via regular mail or email.

Sending Invoices as Attachments
Email is the best tool to use in sending invoices to clients. Emails allow you to save money on paper and postage. Emails speed the process up since clients receive them immediately. If clients receive the attachments early, they are likely to send payments in good time instead of keeping you waiting for long. Attach the invoice as PDF, which is easier for your clients to open and read. Look for apps or software that can create PDF.

Send to the Right Person
According to e2b Anytime Apps, it's very important to have the correct billing address. If the invoice ends up in the inbox of the wrong person, you would have to wait longer to receive your payment. Sending the email to the wrong individual or company displays a hint of unprofessionalism on your part. Therefore, study the address well. Ask the client to provide the exact email address to send the invoice. Remember to do this while negotiating with the client. Check that the email address is in the contract.
Therefore, use a freelance invoice sample to formulate best practices for your business to follow.