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Freelance Invoice Format

Should you be a freelancer, an expertly prepared invoice lets you get paid faster. There is a freelance invoice format for various aspects of independent experts. As stated here, you can download a free invoice format and proceed to create outstanding invoices immediately.

The Rationale

If you work as an independent contractor, creating invoices may not be what you do best. This document is a critical part of your business however. In addition, it requires being proper and prim to enable efficient payments by your clients.

Filling in details is not fun at all but it is necessary. Accurate figures presented well keep your clients informed regarding your expectations. This way, your professionalism increases and you receive your payments punctually.

In this regard, a prepared format or template is a quick and easy method to do this. According to information available here,downloading free or premium formats gives you more billable time and reduces non-billing time in invoice preparation.

It may seem much easier to use other formats like Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word. However, exploiting Microsoft Excel formulas allows performing automated calculations easily. These are also easier to modify and implement.

As an example, a freelance invoice format utilizes Excel formulas widely in calculating subtotals, totals, tax deductions and so on. These formulas also assists creation of relationships between a number of fields where a field is a sum of several other fields.

Some Important Features

Clients need to know exactly what they have to pay for. Few clients will make a payment for something labeled simply as design. You have to inform them precisely what you have done for them within a detail section.

A custom date field allows giving details of when a project was undertaken. Using short codes such as c01 and c02 into custom item cells saves descriptions and rates per unit. These see retrieval and filling out meaning, you will not have to retype text again.

On top of an invoice format, there appears an image of a log. This placeholder image allows replacement with your own logo. After this logo comes placeholders for business or company information. This includes your name, company name, telephone number, address, website and email address. This allows your clients to reach you easily whenever queries arise.

Create precise information about your client at the client section. For large ones, this should feature contact person who handles your project account. According to this article, this prevents misplacement of invoices over confusion about who operates which project.

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