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One of the things you can't do is avoiding filling out a freelance invoice form. Filling it is one thing. It's another thing altogether to fill the form out professionally. The good news is that you have plenty of resources from which you can learn how to do just that. The Internet is a wonderful place to begin with. A good template is also equally helpful, as it acts more like a learning tool to equip you with all the skills and information needed to fill out the invoice form professionally, thus taking your freelance business to the next level.

Headers, Contact Information and List of Services
Assuming that your invoice already has a header and all the contact information, you now have to focus on filling it appropriately. A list of all the services you have done or provided to the customer is a mandatory feature of the invoice form. Listing the services offered is the meat of any invoice you wish to write. Listing the services is a way of informing the customer what you have done and why you need to be paid. This part of filling out an invoice form requires you to be upfront with your client and to avoid throwing in any form of surprise.

Additional Fees
Depending on the type of service you offered, it might be alright to add other fees as well. What you charge depends on your pricing strategy. According to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, ICAEW, getting the pricing strategy right is one of the keys for increasing business profitability. Therefore, you can't afford to have a laissez faire attitude where pricing is concerned. According to Harvard Business Review, letting things take their own course while running a business shows that you have set everything up to fail.

Subtotal, Taxes and Total
While filling out the invoice form, do not forget to create a subtotal and add the necessary taxes. The applicable tax rate should be clearly labeled and appear just below the subtotal. Creating the subtotal is nothing if you won't go to the next step of creating a total of what the client should pay you. The form will remain incomplete if you don't provide the customer with your preferred payment options. Fill the form completely by including a due date. If everything appears to be in order, send the invoice and wait for the due date to collect payment.
Therefore, follow this guideline when filling out your freelance invoice form.