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Freelance Graphic Design Invoice Template (PDF)

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Freelance Graphic Design Invoice Template (PDF)

The process of invoicing can prove to be very complicated at times. Freelancers who design their invoices themselves take very long to do so at times, which is of no surprise. Some people find it hard to design their own invoices as organizing the fields in a reader-friendly way can sometimes be difficult too. This is where the invoice templates can come in handy. Templates can offer you unique choices regarding your invoice designs and the ordering/ of the information.

If you think that the problems with invoices are limited to the designing only, you are wrong. Another big issue is the file type of the invoice being sent. Sometimes the invoice you send to your client might not be compatible with the version of the software in their system, which might result in the invoice appearing in a scrambled form. The freelancers, who rely heavily on the invoices to get their demands to their clients, can definitely not afford this. To overcome this issue, one solution is to send the invoice in PDF format. This ensures that the invoice remains in the same shape as sent to the client by the freelancer, as PDF files are read-only. This combines with other benefits to make PDF format the most suitable to send invoices in.

Some jobs in the freelance industry require more devotion than others, but are more rewarding as well. According to Forbes, graphic designing is one of the best paying freelance jobs in the world. But there is no room for error for graphic designers in any of their tasks. Some tasks also take hours to complete. This mostly leaves the graphic designers with no other choice than to make their invoice through a template. Another important thing for graphic designers is that their invoices should have a pleasant look, which is a reminiscent of their job, which involves the use lot of creativity and colors. This is bound to leave a good impression on the client about the worker.

Besides job requirements, the one thing that is essential for all freelancers is having the idea of what details their invoice should contain. Some features slightly vary with each job, but most fields are the same for each type of invoice.

Bonsai's graphic design invoice templates can solve all the problems mentioned above. All you have to do is choose a suitable template and fill out the information in the spaces where it is required, and the invoice will be saved to PDF once it's completed and ready to be sent to the client.
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Freelance Graphic Design Invoice Template (PDF)