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Freelance Graphic Design Contract Template (PDF)

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Freelance Graphic Design Contract Template (PDF)

Being a successful freelance graphic designer goes beyond having excellent design skills. A freelance graphic designer must have communication, marketing, accounting, and other business skills to remain relevant in the niche.

For instance, a graphic design freelancer should be able to draft a contract from a freelance graphic design contract template (PDF).

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Although you can draft such a contract from scratch, we do not advise that, especially if you are not an expert at writing business documents. We recommend that you use a freelance graphic design contract template in PDF format. You can get different templates online, but for what other reasons should you use such pdf templates? Before we answer that question, let’s give you some details about a freelance graphic design contract.

About freelance graphic design contract templates (PDF)

It is a template (in PDF format) of a graphic design contract - a legal document of agreement binding on two parties, a graphic designer and the client, for design services. To allow designers to focus on the core aspect of their business, there are different templates of this type of contract online that they can use. You only have to make sure that such a template contains the essential information of the contract.

We have highlighted the essential fields of a freelance graphic design contract template (PDF) that you should look out for below:

  • Job description field
  • The expected time of delivery
  • Payment information
  • Ownership and copyright information
  • Conditions for termination
  • Signature and date
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Why you need a graphic design contract

You might be wondering why you need a contract for your graphic design freelancing business. We have been able to get two main reasons from lots of graphic designers and clients, and have discussed these briefly below.

1. To protect the designer

To produce high-quality designs and ensure clients get the best, freelance graphic consultants spend hours designing and perfecting their work. So, it is to their detriment if any client decides not to pay for their services or if such a client goes on AWOL. There have been reports of such occurrence in the past, and the graphic design consultants lost time as well as wasted efforts since they didn’t have an HR team to fight their course.

You can avoid such situations by protecting yourself. To do that, you have to draft a contract that will be binding on you and your client. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this from scratch; you can simply use a freelance graphic design contract template (PDF format).

2. To communicate the design details to clients

It has been reported that most clients like it when the graphic design consultant they hire make available a document that contains the complete details of the work to be done. Usually, it helps them to understand the extent of work to be done, thereby justifying whatever amount the designer might have charged them for the work.

Following various comments online from graphic design clients, they consider such effort from the freelancer to be very professional. Many of them even agreed that it influences whether they will rehire such consultants or not in the future.

3. To avert disagreement

We have received reports of several occasions where two parties disagree over a freelance graphic design project. Usually, clients may require the graphic designer to make some revisions or add some additional features to the design, but the designer insists that such revisions or additions were not part of the job.

To avoid issues like that, having a contract drafted from a freelance graphic design contract template in PDF format is recommended. Such a contract contains the contract details and fundamental requirements of the clients. So, it can be used for comparison, and as a document for settlement, perhaps there is disagreement.

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Freelance Graphic Design Contract Template (PDF)

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Freelance Graphic Design Contract Template (PDF)

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